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TGJ Podcast: Episode 66

Jim Fitzpatrick’s Endless Summer

A life-altering 4-iron, declassified rocket explosions and the world's first skateboard
USA. Los Angeles. 1964. Photo by Bruce Davidson/Magnum Photos Surfers along Pacific Coast Highway.

Light / Dark

In the early 1950s, he was watching declassified rocket explosions filmed by his father. During the 1960s, he learned the game in the shadow of Riviera by flying 4-irons into the Pacific. In 1964 he helped produce some of the first music videos, and by 1966 he was part of the revolutionary Bones Brigade that introduced skateboarding to Europe. Over the decades his love for golf took him from SoCal to Carne and just about everywhere in between. In 2020, he wrote about it all in TGJ No. 13 and joined host Tom Coyne to explain his movie-script life. This is Jim Fitzpatrick. 

Rifle Shots

From finding the right wave to an evening’s meal, the Hunter legacy was always about more than golf