I’ll Play Golf When I Like

A closing verse from a golfing parent

One day soon, not long from now, 
I’ll play golf when I like.
All the shoes shall be in their place 
and the questions answered.
Sippy cups will no longer line the 
nether reaches of the couches,
And the vacuum will need but a 
cursory weekly run.

Someday soon my garage will be 
ordered and neat,
And the fleet of trikes and bikes 
will have found new homes.
My steps will be more sure once 
the balls
And bats and rollerblades are 
gone or tucked away.

When that day comes, my backyard 
will be full and trim,
The bare patches beneath the 
swings long grown in.
I’ll have mastered the guitar and 
paintbrush, have written poems,
And the garden will be plentiful. 
And, oh yes, I’ll play golf when I like.

But they’ll be gone. 

And I alone. 

I'll Play Golf when I Like

Matt Chominski has been a Broken Tee Society member since 2018.