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TGJ Podcast: Episode 82

Hunting Sasquatch with Gary McCord

Light / Dark

At 73 years young, and after a career in golf that would be too wild for the movies, there’s only one thing left for Gary McCord to do: Find Sasquatch. No, seriously. 

Pulled from an extended conversation featured in the pages of TGJ No. 16, McCord connects with longtime friend/golf writer Jim Moriarty and opens up one of the more subversive storybooks in all of golf. They chat about everything from Phil’s win at Kiawah, Brooks vs. Bryson, Mac O’Grady, Steve Martin, failed PGA Tour format proposals, an ex-wife golf tournament, never-before-heard stories from the set of Tin Cup, and, yes, Sasquatch.

“When you show up for your first tournament and there’s 180 guys going for one spot, you know that this is a bad business decision. And then you go out and underperform your entire career, and then end up where I ended up, doing what I do, and now living the life I do now? No. You couldn’t give a Hollywood screenwriter that.”

Gary Mccord