He Knows How to Play ‘Em

Sometimes it takes just one swing to become a legend

O.G. Style was the intended subject, but golf has a funny way of making you adjust when it’s time to take the shot.

The Houston rap pioneer, who became a local celebrity with his 1991 club hit “Catch ’Em Slippin’ (I Know How to Play ’Em),” was the subject of a 2005 project about the city’s underground rap scene with acclaimed music photographer Peter Beste. They were walking through O.G. Style’s home neighborhood in Houston’s Fourth Ward when a new star took center stage.

“Suddenly this guy walked up carrying a golf club, with no shirt on, a blunt in his mouth, a cigarette in his hand—and introduced himself as Tiger Wood of the hood,” Beste told The Guardian in a 2013 interview titled “My Best Shot.” “He just stood in front of me and assumed I would want to photograph him.” 

While it’s tempting to make some commentary about how this image is proof that golf can cross all boundaries, it’s highly unlikely Tiger Wood was on his way to the driving range or to catch a round with another favorite subject of Beste’s, Houston-based rapper and well-known golf diehard Scarface. 

“These neighborhoods are full of characters roaming the streets,” Beste told The Guardian. “They’re not panhandling; they’re just out hustling, selling whatever they sell, drinking beer on the corner. They don’t all have golf clubs, but they all have their own persona.”

In fact, as quickly as he came into Beste’s lens, Tiger Wood was gone. “I have no idea whatever came of him,” he says.