BTS traveling headcover

Have Game, Will Travel

A glimpse into the life of the Broken Tee Society traveling headcover—a member-built piece on a global golf trip

Sewn with Love

A few years ago I joined the Broken Tee Society community on Discord. From day one, I knew I was in the right place. I was already creating and sewing bespoke headcovers and pouches for some friends, and after filling a handful of orders on Discord, I got a note from fellow member Clay Doty.  

His idea was to spin off NLU’s traveling bag with a BTS twist. The idea took off immediately—the Google sheet filled up with requests to tote the headcover on future golf trips. I picked up a journal, a few stickers and some unbroken tees, then packaged them all up with the ‘Van Tee’ headcover I had built already, and sent it into the world.

I followed along in Discord as the stories and photos and miles piled up. I had my turn in June 2023, after members had already played some 60 rounds across multiple continents. It wasn’t until I read the journal that I truly understood the power of shared experiences that the BTS community embraces. 

The journal is my favorite component of the project, and some special anecdotes from it are below. After reading about members playing bucket-list courses and forging lifetime memories, I found myself reminiscing about my own favorite courses and unforgettable rounds.

After an incredible rookie season, it was clear the headcover needed a redesign to better capture the BTS vibe, improve its durability and blend in some distinctive travel elements. The team was gracious enough to lend a Fairway Duffel, and the Traveling Headcover 2.0 was born. Long may it fly.

—Jeremy Koons | Sacramento, CA | January, 2024

BTS traveling headcover
Versions 1.0 and 2.0. Photo: Jaren Hunsaker

Looks like the headcover is now off to Scotland. From Caledonia to Caledonia! You love to see it. Trust yourself. Trust your path. Trust your process.

Ryan Tokar
Myrtle Beach, SC
April, 2023
BTS traveling headcover
Brian Kluck | Glen Arven CC, GA | May, 2023 Photo: Jaren Hunsaker

The traveling headcover made its Korn Ferry Tour debut last week for the BMW Charity Pro-Am. I was paired with Ryan Blaum, and collectively across the two rounds I think he and fellow pro AJ Crouch missed eight greens…Can’t wait for the headcover to make its PGA Tour debut someday!

Connor O’Grady
Greenville, SC
June, 2023
BTS traveling headcover
Stephen Edwards and the Twilight GC squad | Winston-Salem, NC | August, 2023

18,150 steps. 8.03 miles. 53(!) flights climbed. The course is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Hands down one of the greatest days of golf I’ve ever had.

Cory Stephens
Carne Golf Links, Belmullet, Ireland
June, 2023

I paid $500 for a tee time and I remember less than seven shots from that round. What do I remember? I looked up from the eighth green and saw a Humpback whale breach the choppy surf. I saw the same on 11 and 12…I will remember those rounds forever. I will remember that I looked up and soaked it all in. I will not remember the golf. I will remember the whales.

Jason Zack
Kapalua, HI
March, 2023

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