TGJ Podcast 134

Handicapping The Masters

After a decorated career as a teaching pro, Keith Stewart is going all in on golf gambling

Episode 138: David McLay-Kidd Is Busy The Golfer's Journal Podcast

Friend-of-the-program David McLay-Kidd makes his return to the TGJ Podcast from the site of his highly-anticipated next project: Dormie Network’s GrayBull in the Nebraska Sandhills. The world-renowned architect known for his work at Bandon Dunes, Gamble Sands and Sand Valley joins Tom Coyne to discuss the wide array of course builds he’s currently undertaking, the new course boom, how water works, how new projects come about, how the pandemic affected his business, Ruby Tuesday vs. Applebees and much more.

After an award-winning career as a PGA teaching professional, Keith Stewart is going all in on something more high stakes: betting on golf. The founder of the popular Read the Line golf gambling service joins host Tom Coyne to offer his expert predictions for the 2023 Masters, borne of a lifetime in the golf industry and close-up looks at hundreds of pro events. He also unpacks what makes golf such an attractive sport to wager on, his rigorous process for making picks, the pros and cons of sports gambling and all the factors that make The Masters one of the most-bet weeks of the year.