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Good News Is Just a Phone Call Away

TGJ Podcast: Episode #59
Sheep Ranch

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“We did about €100,000 as a result of [The Pandemic Diary]. An absolutely incredible amount and I can’t thank you and the listeners enough. It is really what saved Carne.” 

Gerry Maguire

COVID, cheating, distance debates, course closures and a lack of diversity—golf’s recent news cycle has been gloomy. But it’s not all bad out there. Host Tom Coyne called some folks from around the golf world who have some good news to share. He went beyond the headlines and found the Navajo Nation’s booming dirt course; a staggering drop in suicide rates thanks to the Veterans Golfer’s Association; a little guy’s big time 15-footer; a 50-day Pinehurst trip, and a heartwarming update on Ireland’s Carne Golf Links. Five reminders of why we love this game.