TGJ Podcast 72

A Compendium of Golf’s Cheaters

Sandbaggers, ball-droppers and lie-fluffers, oh my!

Episode 72: A Compendium of Golf's Cheaters The Golfer's Journal Podcast

Sandbaggers, ball-droppers and lie-fluffers, oh my! Getting cheated in golf can stay with you—just ask host Tom Coyne, who still can’t forget an interclub incident from 1986. So we decided to name names: We speak with experts who break down golf’s various scammers (behold, the “cheating non-liar”) and investigate what exactly leads someone to cheat at the ultimate game of honor.  Along the way, we hear some of the wackiest cheating stories ever recorded, as submitted by listeners. Fingers crossed none are about you.

“The bank robbers keep robbing the bank until they get stopped because it works and it is addictive…there’s underlying physiology where dopamine comes out and that gives you pleasure. Same thing as with taking drugs over and over again. You get this dopamine and you feel pleasure. You feel [a cheater’s] high.”

Ira Glick, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford Medical School