TGJ Podcast 68

Golf According to Spencer Hall

A premier college football writer swaps sports for the day to workshop golf takes, and introduce us to Ray Ray Whitley—your new favorite golfer

Episode 68: Golf According to Spencer Hall The Golfer's Journal Podcast

College football fans know the legendary writing, podcasting and Twitter rants of Spencer Hall. But what does he know about golf? Just enough to be dangerous. Hall joins TGJ Editor Travis Hill to discuss his story in TGJ No. 14 about Ray Ray Whitley, a virtual golfer Hall created to survive an early-quarantine sports black hole. They go on to workshop some golf takes like how Phil Mickelson is a walking hedge fund, why one in-person Masters was enough for Hall, and his belief that the Waste Management is the true U.S. Open. Much like Ray Ray, Hall gives the traditional golf establishment a much-needed cage rattling.

“The biggest baddest dude on the planet has caught a stray left from some loser in the parking lot at Applebee’s and gone, ‘Ah man, live and learn, brother.’ Ray Ray has caught a couple of those, and I love that about his story.”