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Finding your Center with Geoff Cunningham

TGJ Podcast: Episode #49
Finding Your Center

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“It’s the idea that we have this center…and we don’t live there most of the time: We’re outside of it, we’re traveling around it, we’re trying to get back to it. A lot of the sports we play are that idea manifested; we’re trying to put the ball in the hole, we’re trying to put the ball in the basket. And in order to do that we have to align ourselves, we have to connect ourselves. A practice like golf is a practice for finding that alignment.”

Geoff Cunningham

Artist. Photographer. Tequila drinker. Soul surfer. Hickory player. Club maker. Linksoul Creative Director Geoff Cunningham refuses to let anyone put him, or the game he loves, in a box. On Ep. 49 of the TGJ Podcast, the man who created TGJ’s Broken Tee logo joins host Tom Coyne for a raw, emotional conversation that explores Cunningham’s career highs and personal lows, but somehow always finds its way back to his center.