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TGJ Podcast 96

Eastside Story

The men responsible for shaking up golf apparel go deep on culture, business, and what it takes to be yourself.

Episode 96: Eastside Story The Golfer's Journal Podcast

After winning a national championship at Morehouse College, Olajuwon Ajanaku set his sights on a professional golf career. Despite some early success, he found himself struggling to meet the financial demands of chasing the dream. Instead of seeking sponsorship, he went a different way: He created a logo of himself, slapped it on a Gildan, and started pushing it around downtown Detroit. Two years later, after joining forces with his college teammate Earl Cooper, Eastside Golf is pushing the boundaries of what a golf brand can be, and recently became the first brand to collaborate with Jordan on a signature golf shoe.

The entrepreneur duo join us in the Broken Tee Society Discord server to discuss building a brand, the importance of being yourself, the definition of culture, hip hop’s influence, and much more.