TGJ Podcast 114

Dottie Pepper Is Frustrated

The beloved voice on big purses, broadcast critiques, and doing things the hard way
The Next Big Leap

Episode 114: Dottie Pepper Is Frustrated The Golfer's Journal Podcast

Dottie Pepper has little sympathy for the modern professional golfer. But you can’t blame her—the beloved CBS analyst and 17-winner on the LPGA never had anything handed to her. She turned down a Dinah Shore sponsor’s exemption in college because she couldn’t afford to travel; she borrowed $5,000 from her grandfather to play in the 1987 U.S. Open; and her parents rented out their house to horse jockeys and trainers every summer to pay for her junior golf. So, no, she’s not interested in hearing about no cuts and guaranteed pay days. 

Pepper joins Assistant Editor Casey Bannon to discuss the current state of the professional golfer, the value in taking the hard way, criticisms of the broadcast, writing her first book and what’s currently in her garden.