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Dispatches From the New Frontier

TGJ Podcast: Episode #54

Light / Dark

“The bread is but one example of what makes Silvies Valley Ranch different. Plenty of resorts use local myths and lore to spice up the guest experience. Very few do it without the patronizing stink of consultants or brand managers carefully “curating” an experience. At Silvies, traditions seem to be in place because that’s how the Campbells and the people of Harney County have always done things.”

D.j. Piehowski

Contributing Editor D.J. Piehowski makes his return to the TGJ Podcast—reading his thorough TGJ No. 11 profile on the reverse routing at remote Silvies Valley Ranch. Fellow TGJ contributor Neil Schuster joins him to add commentary and context from their homestead into Eastern Oregon’s rugged frontier.