The dunes, the golf and the pubs all remain central to life in the village of Lahinch. It is delightfully resistant to many modern developments, with the golf course and Klondyke Hill perfectly stubborn examples. Photo by Tom Shaw.
TGJ Podcast 119

Conor Moore, as Conor Moore

The Irish comedian on perfecting Tiger, the art of the sketch, and his love for the game

Episode 119: Conor Moore, as Conor Moore The Golfer's Journal Podcast

Conor Moore is firmly convinced that he has no accent. But when the Irishman is at work mimicking the voices of the world’s most famous athletes, he’s got plenty in the holster. Though it sounds like a cast of many, it’s just Conor and host Tom Coyne going deep on the art behind Conor’s sketches (don’t call them impressions), the toughest athlete to impersonate, and the time he was (jokingly) cursed out by Tiger Woods. Cameo appearances from Sergio, Ian Poulter, Greg Norman, Rory McIlroy, and others liven up an already engaging conversation between two Irish storytellers.

About Conor

Hailing from Mullingar in Ireland’s heartland, Conor Moore has spent the past five years bringing his brand of impersonation-based sketches to every corner of the sporting world. Whether it’s pro golf, the English Premier League, or Formula 1, if athletes are speaking, Conor’s studying and perfecting his craft. He’s worked with NBC Sports, hosts a sketch show on GolfPass, and shot a memorable commercial spot alongside Tiger Woods. You can find Conor’s work below.