Big Randy
TGJ Podcast 121

But My Friends Call Me Randy

Getting to know No Laying Up’s Phil Landes, golf’s most (accidentally) lovable big man

Episode 121: But My Friends Call Me Randy The Golfer's Journal Podcast

Tron doesn’t hold back on Twitter. Soly shared his No Laying Up origin story in TGJ No. 7, and DJ’s byline is a regular in The Golfer’s Journal. But what about the member of No Laying Up whose presence, quite literally, overshadows them all? 

Phil Landes (aka Big Randy) has become one of golf media’s favorite characters via his appearances across NLU’s platforms, yet a part of him is ducking the spotlight—not an easy feat at 6’8”. He joins the podcast to talk with Tom Coyne about how this former accountant and freshmen basketball coach came to find himself drinking out of the Solheim Cup, and whether this dream job is a really that dreamy after all. In this honest and insightful discussion, Phil reflects on living with two names, his current romantic circumstance, how we’re all just a different shade of short to him, and why he doesn’t want to meet your dog.

About Randy

As one of the founding members of No Laying Up, Big Randy can be seen and heard across the golf media space. From weekly check-ins on the No Laying Up Podcast, to hosting the more irreverent and wide-ranging Trap Draw podcast alongside Tron Carter, to traveling the country and the world filming Strapped and Tourist Sauce, Phil is hard to miss, in more ways than one. Follow him on Twitter, and check out the team’s ongoing Tourist Sauce: Scandinavia series below.