TGJ Podcast 69

Ben Rector’s Off-Stage Addiction

The singer-songwriter dishes on his career, the role golf plays, and Bluetooth speakers

Episode 69: Ben Rector’s Off-Stage Addiction The Golfer's Journal Podcast

“Can you take me back when we were just kids
Who weren't scared of getting older?
'Cause no one knows you like they know you
And no one probably ever will
You can grow up, make new ones
But truth is there's nothing like old friends 
'Cause you can't make old friends”

-"Old Friends" by Ben Rector

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Ben Rector writes from a place of vulnerability, forming a bond with his fans by letting them behind the curtain. And while he and host Tom Coyne have just recently met, they sound very much like old friends on this episode. During their conversation, Rector discusses the best place to peg it while on tour, golf in the Nashville music scene and adds his expert opinion on one of golf’s hot-button issues: music on the golf course.

Rector also tells stories about playing 200+ shows in college, talking to his mother on air after a Today Show performance, a near gaffe at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and much more.

“I think people talk about creativity like it’s a magical thing. To me, I feel like it’s very similar to athletics where there are parts of it that do feel magical, but really it’s more about developing a skill set so that when inspiration strikes you have the tools to carve it into what you want it to be. All of the songwriters and artists I know that do this sustainably well have in common that they are marathon-runner-level disciplined in their craft.”

Ben Rector