aaron dill
TGJ Podcast 26

Aaron Dill

Inside the Titleist Tour Truck with a star wedgemaker

Episode 26: The Roadie: Aaron Dill The Golfer's Journal Podcast

“People ask, ‘Why did you settle on wedges? Why do you like wedges so much?’ Because it’s the one club in the bag you can make into anything you want. You can’t shape a driver. You can’t shape an iron….But with wedges, I can do whatever I want. And I love that. It is like a piece of art.”

Aaron Dill

Profile. Leading edges. Loft. Bounce. There is a science to making a professional’s wedge, but as personalization becomes the rage, the best add artistry to their craft. Listen as Tom Coyne goes into the Titleist Tour Truck with star wedgemaker Aaron Dill to learn about cutting-edge technology and why Rickie Fowler’s obsession with the song “Call Me Maybe” was a turning point in his career.