Broken Tee Society Gamble Sands

A Letter To Our Members

The Publisher recaps 2022 and looks forward to 2023 at TGJ and BTS

At some point during the whirlwind that was 2022 we celebrated our fifth birthday. Five years into this radical experiment, we’ve been places and reached heights that weren’t imagined when we mailed our first issue to a small cadre of Founding Members. Not only do the world’s best photographers and writers continue to grace our pages and digital platforms, but The Broken Tee Society has swelled and been invited to some of the most prestigious golf courses on the planet. Our podcast now lives in the top five in all of golf and our dream of a global, member-led online community grew north of 6,000 members, connecting like-minded golfers and raising tens of thousands of dollars for charities in the process. Not bad for a little indie publication formed on the belief that there’s a different way to present the game to its most discerning participants (you!). 

We’re proud and humbled, but nowhere near done. Our mission is to double down by continuing to add as much value to our membership as possible. Here’s what we have on deck for 2023: 

Never Content

We added some serious firepower to our editorial team throughout 2022. The results should soon become apparent in the form of an evolved design aesthetic, an additional print offering called “The Big Green Book” and the launch of an additional podcast. Our editorial team will also be traveling throughout 2023 to create a hardcover book (to be released in 2024), and a steady stream of TGJ Films which began this year with Ladies of Erin Hills and Clark’s Revival and will continue with upcoming features to coincide with the release of No. 23. There are more in the works aimed at training our unique lens on the game, and we can’t wait for you to see them. Make sure you’re subscribed to our Youtube channel and keep an eye on your inbox and Discord for premiere date notifications. 

Experience Matters 

Our events calendar will be released early in 2023 and the list of venues somehow raises the bar once again. With such high demand, we’re aware that getting a spot in our events can be challenging, so our team has worked hard to create more experiences that are geographically diverse at a variety of price points and styles. Once on site, we’ll continue to work with our partners to curate unique, memorable experiences (and gifting packages) for every attendee. 

The Index Experiment

Like you, I don’t want to show up at world-class golf courses (or any course for that matter) unprepared, nursing an injury, or with a mere shadow of my game only to slap it around all over the place. So I invite you to join me and the entire TGJ staff on The Index Experiment, an initiative where our aim is to perform better, lower our handicaps, achieve our personal goals and live a healthier and happier life in 2023 and beyond. Think “Paper Tiger” but at scale. Throughout 2023, we’ll provide an entirely new and unique stream of content and events centered around performance, health & wellness, and game improvement. We’ll also deliver exclusive offers and prizes from premium brands that bring the best tools and services to help us achieve our performance and health goals. 

The Index Experiment is free for all members. We’ll track our progress on a community leaderboard, keep ourselves accountable, and publish the findings. Start the new year the right way by signing up for early access here

We’re Official 

The Broken Tee Society is now officially recognized as a golf club, which means you can keep an official handicap with us if you live in certain areas. Head to our handicap portal to check out if we’re offering a handicap in your region. We believe this adds an immense amount of value to your membership, as maintaining a handicap index can be difficult and costly for those who are unaffiliated with a membership or country club. 

The Broken Tee Society continues to connect like-minded golfers from regions across the U.S. and the world. I’d like to give a special shoutout to our 16 regional vice captains, who volunteer their time to bring our regional communities together both on our Discord server and in real life at pop-up events, outings, concerts, watch parties, and informal gatherings around the world. These members embody the spirit of the game and our community, and their effort has led to new connections, deep friendships and amazing experiences on and off the course. We raise our glasses to you and thank you for making this community so special. 

It bears repeating that none of the above would be possible without your love for the game and your ongoing support of The Golfer’s Journal and The Broken Tee Society. From the bottom of our hearts we offer our sincere thanks and wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. 

With gratitude,

Brendon Thomas

Publisher, The Golfer’s Journal