TGJ Retailer Kit

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The Golfer’s Journal Retailer Kit

The Golfer’s Journal Retailer Kit

With its launch in August 2017, The Golfer’s Journal sent shockwaves through the golf community.

By creating a beautiful, commercially quiet book that casts a sophisticated and artful light on the culture, history, places, and characters that make golf so special, TGJ has challenged the golf media's status quo and developed a large, passionate following.

TGJ's elegant design and evergreen content provide a statement piece in any office setting or retail environment for savvy merchandisers.

The unique features, exceptional photography and the premium price point ($20) elevates a club's locker room experience and stands out as a memorable gift at golf, charity and corporate outings.

Join the Movement.

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Backed By Visionaries

“The Golfer’s Journal fills a huge void in golf. A publication that is thoughtful and beautifully designed fits right in with what we do at the Scotty Cameron Putter Studio, connecting us to a deeply passionate golf audience.”

Scotty Cameron, Scotty Cameron Putters
TGJ Founding Sponsor



“The Golfer’s Journal is long overdue. It’s needed. It’s a way to connect people to the soul of the game.”

John Ashworth, Linksoul
TGJ Founding Sponsor


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Elevate your space.

Elevate your space.

With its exquisite production and photography, The Golfer’s Journal elevates any retail space at margins you will love.

  • Wholesale: $9 per copy. Retail: $20 per copy.

Locker Room and Club Display:
The Golfer’s Journal is low on ads and high on quality editorial and stunning visuals. Having copies available for your membership throughout the club elevates the member experience.

  • We offer a 10% discount on subscriptions to clubs who want to display multiple copies around the club.

Tournament and Golf Outing Gifting:
The Golfer’s Journal is the ideal gift for tournaments, charity events and golf outings. We offer discounts on wholesale for copies that will be distributed to all your guests.

Membership Gifting:
Show your membership how much you appreciate them by gifting them copies.

  • Welcome gift for new member sign-ups
  • Single copy delivered to members’ homes including a personalized letter on the club’s letterhead.
  • Ongoing subscription to your membership. It arrives four times a year to remind your members of their benefits even when they’re not at the course.
Geoffrey Cunningham

Experience The Golfer's Journal

Experience The Golfer's Journal