At the root of New York Private Bank & Trust lies a classic American success story: With not much more than his hands, Morris Milstein started the Circle Floor Company in 1919. By the 1960s, Circle Floor had installed floors, walls and ceilings in many of New York’s best known landmarks, including Rockefeller Center and Madison Square Garden. Now in its third generation, the family business has expanded to include a massive real estate portfolio along with energy, manufacturing and more. Today, Howard Milstein leads the family’s financial arm, New York Private Bank & Trust.

We see parallels in the Milstein family’s origin story to ours, and find inspiration in their tremendous success. We started TGJ with the simple idea to build a commercially quiet, high-end quarterly that celebrated the game through beautiful imagery and quality journalism. And while we know it’s a long road ahead, we believe hard work, creativity and integrity will sustain us for many years to come and with the support of NYPB&T we hope that goal is realized. 

We’ve built TGJ into a premium brand, delivering content and events for smart, discerning golf fans. With its mission to serve successful families, our audience shares a great deal with those who partner with New York Private Bank & Trust. They believe in working with their customers over the long term, and we look forward to a similarly fruitful partnership.