Sometimes you just know. From the Classic Sunday Walker golf bag to its stunning collection of head covers, every product from Links & Kings exudes the spirit of what we love about the game: Hand-crafted detail, respect for the past, an eye toward the modern game.

This line from the Links & Kings website says it all: “We travel the world sourcing the finest materials to create products that are unique as they are special.” TGJ shares a remarkably similar ethos, as we search golf courses around the globe for stories and images that our readers can’t find anywhere else.

There is something to be said for taking the time, effort and pride in creating products by hand. We know every issue of TGJ has to not only contain incredible content, but also feel substantial with high-quality ink and paper. Links & Kings does the same, using master craftsmen to build products for the course like leather shoe bags and for off the course like its Crown Collection of duffel bags.

The partnership between TGJ and Links & Kings makes sense on nearly every level, and we’re excited about bringing our two dedicated teams together. Our first project highlights the big things ahead: The exclusive TGJ Headcover for our Premium subscribers is simply gorgeous.