Electric was founded seventeen years ago in southern California with 100% focus on eyewear, and today that vision remains the same. They do things differently, with a higher sense of purpose and quality than ever before, but some things will never change: They want to be the best at what they do.

“We choose to make our eyewear in Italy as it has more collective eyewear experience, quality materials and skilled human craftsman than anywhere else in the world, period.” says Electric CEO Eric Crane.

Born from the rich action sport and lifestyle heritage of southern California, Electric are accustomed to doing things differently, with an emphasis on doing them differently from our parents. “We didn’t golf in our dad’s clothes, and are certainly not using his old clubs, so why would we wear his sunglasses?” says Crane. “We have adopted the world-class quality, construction and eye protection technologies we’ve developed for reducing glare on the ocean and on the snow to work for the golf course. When it came to styling, we were inspired to bring our point of view to the game. Because after all, we all want to perform like superheroes without looking like we are in costume.”

Electric’s passion for golf runs deep and few companies dedicate as much time to their “on-course product testing” than they do. Their disruptive ethos aligns with TGJ beautifully. We’re not here to make just another golf publication.