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“In psychology we talk about partial reinforcement. We can miss 10 shots tomorrow when we go play. But if we hit that one shot—that one shot—that’s the one that brings us back. And that’s why this is the greatest game ever invented.” Dr. Bob Winters

Breathe. Rotate. Don’t blow it left. Don’t think about your ex. Get your hands to the proper spot. Shut the face. Be oily. Go blank. Whether they’re beautiful and effective or a form of psychological warfare, everyone has a swing thought. On our latest podcast, host Tom Coyne asks a host of players what’s going through their heads, and gets renowned golf psychologist Dr. Bob Winters to sort through them. Listen as PGA Tour pro Zac Blair, U.S. poet laureate Billy Collins, No Laying Up’s Big Randy and Tron Carter, course architect David McLay Kidd and more sit on the TGJ couch and bare their golfing souls for all to hear.