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“Hey, put your big boy pants on and hit a good shot. You’ve got to hit a good shot, and if you do, you’ll be rewarded. But it puts the fear of God into you. And that was one of the goals of Sweetens Cove: To have some of the scariest short shots you’ve ever faced.” Rob Collins

We celebrate the return of Sweetens Cove to the pages of TGJ with a conversation between Contributing Editor D.J. Piehowski and Sweetens Cove architect Rob Collins. They discuss the devilish fourth hole, which is featured in the Yardage Book section of issue No. 9, the foul-mouthed preacher behind its royal nickname, and just how tough it can play. They also get into the changes at the course and how a game of telephone between Brad Faxon, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning led to Manning joining its ownership group.