Originals: Kohjiro Kinno

Originals: Kohjiro Kinno

Tiger’s iconic putt on 18 at Torrey Pines. Mike Tyson like you’ve never seen him before. Olympics, World Series, Super Bowls, major championships and intimate portrait series with the world’s greatest athletes. When you need to capture the big moments in the world of sports, Kohjiro Kinno is your guy. Yet despite all the awards, accolades and praise from colleagues, Kohjiro prefers to keep mostly to himself. In fact, if he’s doing his job right, you won’t see him much at all while he’s on a shoot. His keen eye takes him to untrod locations, finding angles, light and texture that other photographers simply don’t see. Those visions can be found throughout TGJ, where Kinno has served as Photo Editor since its inception. Now, the soft-spoken artist is expressing himself in a different way. Originals: Kohjiro Kinno is a limited-run collection of apparel inspired by his home of Orange County, CA, The Golfer’s Journal’s alternating spine colors and the game he’s taken to dizzying new heights.

Portfolio: Kohjiro Kinno

The best way to get to know Kohjiro Kinno is through his work. The second best way is this video. Dive into Kinno’s portfolio as he explains his early influences, his process behind capturing memorable stills and his thoughts on the natural canvas that golf provides. 


Q&A with Kohjiro Kinno about the Collection

  1. Where does this collection pull inspiration from?
  2. How has Orange County shaped you as a person?
  3. How has Orange County shaped your eye as an artist? 
  4. What parts of golf keep you engaged and interested in the sport? 
  5. How many times did you write “The Golfer’s Journal” before you felt it was acceptable to be embroidered on the collection?
  6. What are the places you’ve photographed in the golf world that stick with you most? 
  7. What are the places/courses you still want to shoot?
  8. Where is the profession of golf photography now compared to when you started in 2008? 
  9. What makes a good hoodie good? 
  10. What makes a good bucket hat good? 
  11. Where was the footprints photo taken and what about it do you like? 
  12. Where was the bunker shot taken and what about it do you like?

“I don’t consider myself an artist or want to be called a creative. I am just a photographer documenting what I see.”

Kohjiro Kinno