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No. 7

On the cover: A neon shout-out to those who paved the way. TGJ No. 7 tips its cap to the brilliance of golf’s past shaping its present. Cover photographer Leonard Kamsler’s pioneering work alongside death-defying drone shots. Carne’s legendary original 18 inspiring its newer nine. An unlikely poet and a master watercolorist meet the social media set. Shared inspiration between a Canadian man with his chainsaw and another with a bulldozer at Bandon. The lines are myriad, and they continue below.

PHOTO by Jacob Sjöman

“It is no longer enough to simply fly a drone over a golf course. The art and skill required to create truly stunning drone photographs is no different from that needed for handheld cameras.”

Such Great Heights

A jaw-dropping drone show.

Photo by Tom Shaw

“I’ve felt it elsewhere, on rare occasion, but at Carne came my first realization that design metrics and course ratings are laughable fluff of utter insignificance. The course grabs you or it doesn’t.”

An Unlikely Place

Carne: The best 27 holes never built.

Golf in its purest form. Delivered direct to your door.


“The match had become a challenge between races and cultures—between the darling of the white hegemony and the living hope of the oppressed.”


How a poor Indian caddie took on Gary Player during South Africa’s apartheid and turned into an unlikely civil-rights hero.

Photo by Leonard Kamsler

“In the early 1960s, Kamsler was on the forefront, using strobes and ultra-high-speed cameras to create never-before-seen angles and effects.”

Student of the Game

After 40 years shooting the Masters, Leonard Kamsler is still learning.

Photo by Larry Lambrecht

“Supporters swear it adds a memorable element of strategy and fun, while critics question the design and its very placement in the template canon.”

The Bastard Child of Templates

Step into the abyss of golf’s most controversial green complex.

Artwork by Robert A. Wade

“I’ve been a member at Metropolitan Golf Club since 1952…It remains one of my most priceless possessions.”

Twin Dreams

One of the world’s best watercolorists also happens to be golf fanatic.

The Golfer's Journal is the perfect gift for every golfer.

Give a Gift
Photo by Ryan Young

“Rory then pointed over at the D.J./Koepka pairing that I’d begged for and uttered the words that changed it all: ‘Hey, you got your wish.’”

The Long Way Home

Text thread to Tour Sauce: The origin story of No Laying Up.

Photo by Geoff Cunningham

“Motivated to give her the memory of a lifetime, I flubbed the next two shots.”

The Quest

One man, one high handicap, and three months to make a hole-in-one.

Photo by Josh Hubberman

“I don’t know where it came from, I couldn’t remember seeing something like it and I’m not sure what inspired it. But there it was, clear as day in my imagination.”

Yardage Book: Point of Pride

The moment of clarity that led to an entirely new golf experience.