Managing Your Membership

Updating an Address

Log in to your account, click “Manage” in your memberships tab and update your address. 

If you are unable to do this online, please email with your name, old address, and the new address you’d like to have on file, and a member of our team will get that updated for you.

To ensure that you receive your copy of The Golfer’s Journal please notify us of any impending address changes immediately. We are not responsible for copies being mailed to an old or outdated address. 

To set up USPS® mail forwarding, please visit: to submit a permanent or temporary change-of-address request so your USPS® mail is properly rerouted to your new address. 

To receive updates and tracking from USPS® about the delivery of your Journal, please visit: to sign up for Informed Delivery.

Renewing A Membership

You can extend or renew your membership at any time by logging into your account and simply clicking “Renew” on your membership. You can also renew by contacting our Membership team via email: or by phone: 949-492-2637. If your membership is set to automatically renew, you don’t need to take any further action. If your credit card information has changed please log into your account and update your payment method. Your card will only be charged the current membership rates when your current membership ends. 

If you would like to renew your gift membership, please visit the My Account page and then renew the gift membership.


Auto-renewing your membership saves trees, time and money. As a sustaining member, we won’t need to send you any unnecessary emails or physical renewal notices, and you won’t ever need to think about it. Best of all, you’ll never miss an issue. 

All personal memberships will auto-renew once the final issue in their memberships has been mailed. We will notify you by email at least two weeks before your membership is due to auto-renew.

Memberships purchased as a gift for someone else will not auto-renew, unless the “Automatically renew my gift when the subscription expires” is checked off at checkout. Please note, you will need to select “This is a gift” at checkout, as well as include the recipient’s email address and shipping information, for a membership to be considered a gift. 

Should you prefer your membership not to auto-renew, you can disable this function in your account settings. Simply login and manage your membership from there. Find the “Manage” button next to your membership and check the “Auto-Renew” box to “Off.” This will end the recurring payment but continue the membership for the remaining issues for which payment has already been received. Turning off Auto-Renew does not cancel your membership. To cancel your membership, contact or call 949-492-2637 (9am-5pm PT Mon-Fri) to have a member of our team assist.

Upgrading a Membership

You can upgrade your membership by following the below steps.

  • Visit the My Account page.
  • Select Subscriptions on the My Account navigation
  • Select “Manage” next to the membership you would like to upgrade.
    • Under the “Actions” section of the Subscription Management page, the option to “Upgrade” your membership will be visible if your membership is eligible for an upgrade.
  • Select “Upgrade”. You will be prompted with further detail on upgrading your membership at this step.
  • Proceed and complete payment checkout to upgrade your membership.

A membership upgrade will charge you the full amount of the membership you are upgrading to. When upgrading, the amount of copies left in your current membership (if any) will be transferred and added to your upgraded premium membership.

You will receive your premium member benefits on upon payment completion of your membership upgrade. For most people, this should be immediately after completing your upgrade order. If you’re not seeing your premium member benefits in your account after your completed membership upgrade, please contact our Membership Services team at or call (949) 492-2637. The office hours are from 9am-5pm PST Monday-Friday.   

Changing Membership Levels

You can change your membership at any time by following the below steps.

  • Login to your TGJ account.
  • Go to “Memberships” in the Navigation bar on the homepage
  • Select the membership you would like to change to.
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Once completed, your old membership will merge into your new membership, adding any remaining copies (if applicable) to the new membership.

If you need any assistance, please contact our Membership Services team at or call (949) 492-2637. The office hours are from 9am-5pm PST Monday-Friday.


To cancel your membership, please fill out this form or contact us via email: or phone: (949) 492-2637The office hours are from 9am-5pm PST Monday-Friday. Digital memberships are non-refundable. For full terms and conditions, please visit the Terms and Conditions page, or click here.