2024 BTS Club Championship: Local Qualifying

The Golfer’s Journal invites you to:

BTS Club Championship Local Qualifying

August 2-11, 2024
Wherever you peg it

Broken Tee Society Club Championship Local Qualifying

August 2-11, 2024
Wherever you peg it

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There are only two ways to guarantee yourself a spot in the year-end Club Championship at Shady Oaks in Texas. The first is to win an official 2024 TGJ event. The second is to play your way in during our Local Qualifying challenge.

Starting August 2, members have 10 days to play the best round possible, at any course of their choosing. The five players who post the best score differential relative to their handicap will receive invitations to Ben Hogan’s longtime home club, and the chance to compete for the title of Broken Tee Society Club Champion.

How it works:

  • Play an 18-hole round between August 2 and August 11
    • You must play with a witness who attests your score
  • Enter your scores in the official score input page
  • The five players who post the best score differential relative to their handicap index will be given priority registration for the Club Championship
  • In the event of a tie, players will be entered into a lottery.


Shady Oaks

Event Dates:

  • Start: Friday, August 2
  • End: Sunday, August 11
  • Winners announced: Wednesday, August 14
  • Club Championship: Monday, November 4
Shady Oaks


  • Your qualifying score will be your handicap index minus your round’s score differential 
  • Example:
    • Handicap: 14.4
    • Score Differential: 9.8
    • Qualifying Score: 14.4-9.8=4.6


  • Top five best qualifying scores will receive invites to register for the 2024 Broken Tee Society Club Championship
  • If any winners are unable to attend, invites will be sent out to subsequent finishers in order of finishing position

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About the Club Championship

The community continues to grow. The events consistently produce thrilling finishes between great players at some of the world’s most iconic courses. So we figured it was high time to take a page out of the country club playbook and find a way to determine ultimate Broken Tee Society supremacy. The invite-only Club Championship is in its second year of existence, and after a first installment (above) that produced a walk-off chip-in, we’re heading to Ben Hogan’s home club to crown 2024 net and gross individual champions. 

Invite Criteria (in order):

  • Winners of all 2024 BTS events
  • Winners of 2024 Local Qualifying
  • All participants in The Index Experiment 
    • Lottery, subject to availability
  • All BTS members 
    • Lottery, subject to availability

2023 Champions:

  • Net: Jack Benbow 
  • Gross: Austin Gean

Put your Index Experiment to the test

Put your Index Experiment to the test

2023 Club Championship

Local Qualifying Rules

  • Scores will only be valid if entered via the Official Score Input page
  • Round must be completed by playing 18 consecutive holes at the same course (two consecutive loops of the same nine-hole course are not accepted)
  • Rounds at par-3 courses will not be accepted
  • Winning a spot through Local Qualifying entitles the winner to skip the registration line for the event. Travel to the Club Championship and event entry fee not included.
  • We recognize that playing with a partner and having that player attest the scorecard does not necessarily account for all possible issues regarding rules and legitimate scorekeeping. We assume (and request) that all players will act with the integrity and honesty consistent with membership in the Broken Tee Society.