Mind Game 03: Sahil Bloom

A better golf life is just one good decision away

Mind Game 03: Sahil Bloom, Take Daily Action The Golfer's Journal Podcast

Focus on one big goal at a time. Say no more than you say yes. Be more productive by being less busy. Sahil Bloom is a writer, entrepreneur and creator who inspires millions daily with bite-sized nuggets of wisdom and life hacks. He joins Mind Game to give his playbook on time management, daily routines, the benefits of imposter syndrome, setting and achieving goals and prioritizing the things that matter. If you’re struggling to find ways to attack your Index Experiment goals, this conversation is for you.

About Sahil Bloom

Sahil Bloom played baseball at Stanford University and was a two-time recipient of the Bruce Cameron Memorial Award, which is awarded annually to a Stanford student-athlete who exhibits excellence in athletics, academics and leadership. After college, he joined Altamont Capital where he eventually managed more than $3.5 billion in assets. In 2021, Bloom started The Curiosity Chronicle—a twice-weekly newsletter and podcast providing new ideas for growth-minded individuals and businesses. You can follow him on X for daily inspiration and wisdom.