Lipping Out: No. 26

Enclosed within: compassion, rage and cash from Old Tom, Jack Nicholson and Phil Mickelson.
Lipping Out 26 PGA Championship signs 1988

Ahh, 1988. George H.W. Bush. The Cosby Show. Andre the Giant. Guns N’ Roses. Milli Vanilli. Duck Hunt. Die Hard. In golf, we were still four long, strange years from Tiger’s landscape-altering debut on the PGA Tour. Hence the lineup of names that year for the PGA Championship at Oak Tree Golf Club in Edmond, Oklahoma. Jeff Sluman won by three and, after getting the trophy, had a quintessentially 1988 experience: “They physically gave me a check out of a checking book for $160,000,” he remembered in Golfweek. “You had to sign the back of it.”

Lipping Out 26 Jack Nicholson
Photograph by Leonard Kamsler via Getty Images

“I was on my way to the course, and in the midst of this madness I somehow knew what I was doing, because I reached into my trunk and specifically selected a club I never used on the course: my 2-iron.”

Jack Nicholson to Golf Digest after his 1994 road-rage incident, when he got out of his car and smashed another driver’s windshield.