Sunday, Oct 31, 2021

Welcome to Bump&Run: a weekly recap of what you may have missed during the last week on The Broken Tee Society Discord Server.

"Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is Rare." - Angela Duckworth" - Bryan Knapp

Bryan dropped this nugget of wisdom in the #🧠│mental-game channel, where it perfectly describes the arduous—and sometimes torturous—pursuit of game improvement. As you’ll read below, however, Ms. Duckworth’s words apply to plenty of things you might have missed in the server this week, from entrepreneurship to meditation to… a fully fleshed-out Kentucky Bourbon-trail golf trip?!

Vices versa

Trivia question: What were the two most active channels on the server this week?


Answer? #🍷│19th-hole and #✘│sober-golf


That’s right, with a range that could force Daniel Day Lewis to be himself for Halloween, the #BTS is quickly proving there’s a little something for everybody here. And in case you missed it, the brown-water drinkers have already begun planning a bourbon trail-inspired golf trip, plus an equity share on a Broken Tee single barrel select. You can sign up for both ventures here. As for the rest of you, Amazon is now offering 2-hour delivery of Spindrift with Prime


“Can someone explain why people are fawning over the new Lido?” 


That was all @dogfather9604 wanted to know in the #⛳│golf-course-architecture channel. Instead, he learned why Hollywood keeps remaking classic films, the difference between rebuilding and restoring, inspiration and imitation, templates and collections and, of course, “the philosophical riddle of whether a true replication, with no plans to measure it against and no person alive to testify to its veracity, could ever be verified.”

coffee's for closers

If you’re into shameless plugging as much as Tom Coyne is, then you should be loving the #🚀│promote-your-stuff channel.

This week showcased the wide range of talents, interests and industries our community members have their hands in. For example, Ross Evans in Vermont launched Carrier Roasting Company from his garage several years ago. Today, he’s managing two cafes and has his beans being handled by 60-plus wholesalers. Meanwhile, Nick Hultz out in Seattle checked in as the co-founder of BirdieWrap, a golf-specific athletic tape designed to eliminate blisters and irritation caused by the swing. We’re not sure if they planned it, but both businesses are currently offering a 15% discount when you use code BTS15 at checkout. But before you do, please consider our founder’s favorite saying: “Friends get a discount. Good friends pay full price.”

Wins and losses

W: With a username like @Swilkenburner, you had to like our man’s chances in the coveted Old Course tee time lottery. Although we’re not sure if that helps or hurts his chance to get some sleep on the red-eye over? 


L: Tom Coyne’s wifi during Tuesday’s live podcast on the #BTS-Main-Stage with Mr. Top 100, aka Greg Ohlendorf. However, those who endured TC’s spotty coverage were treated to a MAJOR 2022 TGJ Event tease at the end: We’re taking over Prairie Dunes next April! Stay tuned for more details.  

Wait, that was this week?

In case you missed Casey Bannon and Christian Hafer’s Monday discussion on their trip to NGLA—and the one time Christian got “bored” playing Augusta—you can listen back here. The two will be back on the stage this coming Monday at Noon EST and omg check out this segue…

The week ahead

11/1 @ 9 a.m. PST/Noon EST: Piercen Hunt 

  • Piercen Hunt is a Sophomore star on University of Illinois’ historically dominant men’s golf program. He joins Casey Bannon, Christian Hafer and Foster McCune to talk about the current landscape of college golf, how he stays sharp between classes and long winters, Mike Small’s leadership style, what it’s like to have a putt for 59, the nitty-gritty of his practice, winning the Wisconsin State Amateur this summer and much more.

11/ 4 @ 2 p.m. PST/ 5 p.m. EST: Swing Thoughts 

  • From here on out, we’ll be hosting an informal hangout every Thursday centered around playing your best golf. Whether it’s pre-shot routines, mid-round snacks or post-round meditations, nothing will be off limits when it comes to discussing what makes your game tick.