Welcome to Bump&Run: a weekly recap of what you may have missed during the last week on The Broken Tee Society Discord Server.

Allow me to reintroduce myself

The weekly digest has a new name following a good old-fashioned democratic vote this past week. In a rather lopsided poll, “Bump&Run” ran away from a field of user-submitted names including “The Press,” “The Misread” and “The Broken Tee Sheet.” With 46% of the votes going towards golf’s most efficient greenside shot, one might say the other golf pun nominations were simply flops.

talk of the town

If you missed Friday’s Town Hall with host Tom Coyne and TGJ staff, you can listen to it here or wait until we air it on the TGJ Podcast later this week. Notable discussion points included how this community can better the game, a preview of upcoming member content, opportunities for you to get involved and navel fetishes. No, seriously.

say it to my face

Sometimes you have to take things offline. That’s what happened at Goat Hill Park yesterday where 30 (!) of our Discord peeps got together for a friendly skins game. Sources on the ground reported paydays for Allen Davis, Kevin Brock, Jack Evanko and TGJ’s Mark Warman and Tim Woodruff. It appears a similar meetup is in the works at Philly’s Galen Hall, led by our Visuals Editor Christian Hafer.

Taste Makers

Little did Dom know his introduction in the #bts-dmv channel would kick off a culinary discourse, but sure enough, the mere mention of his home club—Worthington Manor—was enough to spark a discussion on the best buffalo wings in the DMV. Similarly, the good folks of the #bts-southeast channel swapped some secrets on what makes for a great Louisiana crawfish boil. If all this food talk is making you hungry, we encourage you to jump into the new 🍲│food channel to talk all things food and bev.

Baby draw

The sample size is small, but we’re ready to pull a Stefon and crown the #🍼│parenting channel as the Broken Tee Society’s hottest club. This place has everything: reading practice, deliberate water balls, front-yard short game work with the help of the town’s trustiest dump truck. But seriously, we’re humbled and excited to see all of our golfing moms and dads sharing the ups and downs of parenthood. Rest assured that we’re brainstorming some parent-centric content for the near future, because it appears nothing brings people together like burp cloths and sleep deprivation.

Girls just want a proper setup

The 🏌│lpga channel wasted little time creating meaningful conversation, as the news of Brandel Chamblee’s intentions to build a women’s-first tournament venue led to a conversation on how many are missing the mark when it comes to course setup for the ladies. Spanish Oaks Golf Club’s (TX) Director of Instruction Christy Longfield unpacked the problem in detail, which we encourage you to read here


For another example of how NOT to setup a course for women, check out Ep. 90 of the TGJ Podcast: Views From the Hollins Tees.

squared up

If you’ve enjoyed TGJ Editor Travis Hill’s yearlong journey to a 10 handicap, then you’ll love this: you can now place your bets on our editor’s final 2021 index by selecting a square here. Just don’t forget to venmo our resident van driver Foster McCune (venmo: @fostermccune) $20 once you do. Diesel prices aren’t exactly trending in the right direction these days. 


Note: Be on the lookout for another installment detailing Travis’s quest this week on golfersjournal.com

Parting shots

It seems @photonerd123 (TGJ Photo Editor Kohjiro Kinno) isn’t the only one who knows how to wield a camera here. With this in mind, we’ll periodically be combing the 📸│photography channel in search of standout images from the community. If anything catches our eye, we’ll be send the photographer a bag of (un)broken tees and highlighting their work here. 

This week’s standout?: Scott Hogan’s smoker from Arcadia Bluffs South Course.

The week ahead

As new members continue to flood the server, we encourage you to keep reacting with emojis and brief pleasantries before directing them to the appropriate channels for extended discussion. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:


  • Course Tour: NGLA
    Monday 10/25/21 – 9 a.m. PDT/Noon EDT/ 4 p.m. UTC
    TGJ Visuals Editor Christian Hafer and Assistant Editor Casey Bannon will be on the Mainstage on Monday to discuss their recent impromptu round at NGLA. Pop into the Tee Time Hangout Channel for the banter, stay to hear if National cracks Hafer’s top-5.
  • Live Podcast Recording: Mr. Top 100
    Tuesday 10/26/21 – 11 a.m. PST/2 p.m. EDT/6 p.m. UTC
    Greg Ohlendorf, aka Mr. Top 100, will go live with Tom Coyne on Tuesday for a live TGJ Podcast recording. Ohlendorf, is the author of TGJ No. 17’s “The Road to Diùranais” and is one of only two people to have ever played Golf Magazine’s World Top 100 Courses, Golfweek’s Top 100 Modern and Top 100 Classic Courses, plus a course in all 50 states. Of the two, whose spouse hates them more? Join us on the BTS Main Stage to find out. 

Remember to subscribe to the BTS Calendar and stay tuned to the #events channel for exact dates and times of upcoming events in the community.