Weekly Digest

BTS Weekly Digest

Welcome to the first TL;DR (too long, didn’t read): a weekly recap of what you may have missed during the last week on The Broken Tee Society Discord Server.

Thank You, beta testers

It was a wild week with our beta testers group making sure the ground was stable before we began inviting our Founding and Premium Members into the server. Our testers took part in our first Tee Time Hangout and joined the TGJ team for a Town Hall on the BTS-Main-Stage. If you’d like to hear the discussion and about the future of the Broken Tee Society you can listen to a recording here. We’ll also be having an official kickoff event when all the members have received their invites.

The Channeling

Lobbyists have already had undue influence on the community, resulting in a channel for dogs, a parenting hub, and numerous regional chapters. We’re embracing the chaos and will be monitoring while you organize, pick and propose channels. There’s already debate about what defines “the Midwest” in the #bts-midwest—when they’ve settled that once and for all, we’ll respond accordingly. More important: We’ve already had total strangers connecting on the regional channels and the 🤝│member-hosting channel and turned those URL encounters into IRL rounds with new friends. We expected nothing less from the best community in golf. 

Note: If anyone from the regional chapters want to schedule voice hangouts, simply pick a time and jump into the #tee-time-hangout voice channel. 

Degens being degens

Things devolved quickly after an impromptu Tee Time hangout on Friday afternoon, when TGJ’s Editor, Travis Hill, jumped on to discuss his quest to get to a 10-handicap by the end of the year. There is now a squares pool in #🚶│golf-degens on where his index will actually land, with half the pot going to the winner and the other half going to the charity of the winner’s choice. Fancy a wager? You’d better get in there.

The week ahead

As Members continue to receive their invites, we expect to see a flood of activity in the #introductions channel over the coming days and weeks. Please react with emojis to make everyone feel welcome. Then get those conversations moving to the right channels—it would be an unmitigated disaster if a dog pic didn’t hit the 🐾│fur-caddies for any reason.

Beyond that, the community will be busy:

  • Keep your eyes out for a Town Hall with the TGJ staff where we’ll introduce everyone and outline the vision for the community.
  • There will be at least one Tee Time hangout—We hear Tom’s playing Shoreacres next week, maybe we’ll get him to kiss and tell.
  • This newsletter will ultimately be written by the community. So if you want to exercise your editorial muscle, make sure to visit 🏗│get-involved
  • On that note: we’re setting up a #temp-newsletter-name channel where we’re taking suggestions for this newsletter. We’ll pick the ones we like and then put it to a vote.

Remember to subscribe to the BTS Calendar and stay tuned to the #events channel for exact dates and times of upcoming events in the community. 

From The Tips

  • Our resident expert Sandy (affectionately known in HQ as “Sandroid”) posted a couple how-to videos in the #🎓│tutorials channel. There’s some great advice in there to keep your experience clean, manage the noise, and change your avatar and server name. More to come. 
  • The Discord apps are much better than the desktop experience—we recommend downloading right away.
  • You can DM any member by simply clicking on their name and typing them a message (desktop app) or tapping their name → tapping “message” (mobile app).

If you haven’t yet connected your TGJ account to join the community, make sure to do that here.