2024 BTS Tour Merch

Broken Tee Society Tour Merch

The 2024 Broken Tee Society Tour theme is shaped by our drive to discover. New golf courses, new destinations, and even some new (old) tunes infuse this year’s collection, which was created by friend of TGJ, artist and noted Joy Division enthusiast Geoff Cunningham. Pick up a t-shirt or the tour poster and keep your eyes on the horizon. More waves are coming.

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The Dirty Groove: LIV Will Tear Us Apart

While you browse, enjoy this New Wave-themed playlist curated by Talking Heads appreciator and TGJ Editor Travis Hill. Whether this timeless collection takes you back to your halcyon days of big hair and neon clothes or you’re just learning about the power of a synth-driven bop, it’s designed to be a perfect companion for the course. After all, we’re here to celebrate golf’s joy—not the division.