Storytelling 101 with Tom Coyne

Tom Coyne has lived a life full of stories, from the caddie yards of his youth, to the swamps of Florida, to the shores of the British Isles. He joins TGJ Associate Editor Casey Bannon for a foundational discussion on the ancient art of spinning a yarn.

Photography 101 with Christian Hafer

A chat with the man behind the lens. TGJ’s Director of Visuals (or @hafe_life, as you might know him) fields our photography questions on everything from aperture to freelance rates, and offers an exclusive instruction session on the art, science, and magic of great photography.

Sustainability 101 with Driving the Green

As part of our Foundations season in the Broken Tee Society, we welcomed the experts from Driving the Green in for a far-reaching discussion on sustainability. Our guests boast strong and diverse backgrounds in this space, with experience leading green initiatives for National Links Trust and several PGA Tour events. But sustainability goes far beyond saving the environment. Tune in, and you might come away with a few ideas to implement at your home club.

Coffee 101 with Ross Evans, Carrier Roasting

As part of our Foundations series, we welcome Vermont's Ross Evans, BTS member and founder of Carrier Roasting Company. Ross provides a wonderfully detailed yet approachable look at the coffee industry, highlighting the challenges and goals of the production side while also offering insight and numerous tips for coffee consumers. Whether you're a newbie or a coffee vet, this discussion is for you.

Rob Collins: Golf Course Architecture 101

Rob Collins sits down with us for an hourlong dive into the world of golf course architecture. Part of our Foundations series, Rob's chat covers a range of GCA topics that any aspiring architecture junkie will enjoy. Of course, it wouldn't be a Rob Collins interview without some behind-the-scenes construction stories, a deep dive on his Landmand project, and a few well-delivered expletives.