Bump&Run: 8/8/22

This week, we’re taking a break from the usual server roundup to showcase a few important updates that we’ve made in the BTS Discord server. Read on for a new way to join your local chapter, a primer on our new forum channels, and more. 

Bump&Run is the weekly recap of our members-only Discord server. Haven’t joined our server yet? Do so here: glfrsj.nl/BTSconnect

join your chapter

At its very heart, our server exists to allow Broken Tee Society members to connect with likeminded golf lovers. So we’re excited to roll out a simple, one-click way to align yourself with your local chapter. 

Head to the Join Your Chapter channel in the “Welcome” section of the server, hit the emoji corresponding to the chapter(s) that you’d like to join, and you’re in.

This will allow you to get notifications when a regional VC or TGJ staffer mentions your chapter, so you don’t miss any pop-up events, regional BTS outings, or local giveaways that might be happening. Of course, we also encourage you to mix it up in your chapter’s channel, and reach out to your regional Vice Captain with any ideas for local meetups or outings.

discord forums

For all its positives, Discord can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. Ideally, our new forum channels will help mitigate that feeling. 

Forums are essentially thread-only channels. Within each forum, every new post creates a threaded discussion, similar to the thread functions in Slack or on Reddit.

After beta testing them in recent weeks, we have rolled out forums out in a few channels, as we believe they will make it significantly easier to follow the discussions in the server.

Head to our Tutorials channel for a video breakdown of how to use these forums, and please drop any feedback into our Suggestion Box channel.

hide muted channels

In the spirit of improving ease of use, we present a way to significantly narrow the list of visible channels within the server. This feature takes a few minutes on the front end, but lasts until you turn it off, and will allow you to focus on only the channels that interest you within the community.

Learn how to hide your muted channels in our Tutorials channel.


While you’re getting reacquainted with the server, stop by tomorrow for our discussion with Mark Broadie, and RSVP for our chat with Jon Sherman at the end of the month:

Tuesday, August 9, 1 PM ET
Mark Broadie on Strokes Gained and Golf’s Data Revolution

Every Shot Counts author and Columbia Business School professor Mark Broadie joins us for an in-depth discussion on the ever-evolving world of strokes gained statistics.


Wednesday, August 24, 1 PM ET
Jon Sherman: The Four Foundations of Golf

Practical Golf founder and Broken Tee Society member Jon Sherman joins us to discuss his new book, The Four Foundations of Golf. We’ll chat about the exhaustive research behind his work, and how you can apply his learnings to shoot better scores.



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