Bump&Run: 9/6/22

The start of September saw members of the Broken Tee Society represent the community in a big way. This week’s Bump&Run offers check-ins from Alaska, to Oregon, to Scotland, plus a double helping of Gamble Sands goodness.

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the retreat @ gamble sands

Capturing the essence of a place like Gamble Sands is difficult under normal conditions. But add a plethora of BTS members and sprinkle in a holiday weekend, and you have the makings of something truly special.

Thankfully, Hafe is on site, and his photography does an admirable job of transporting us to Brewster, WA: 

Christian Hafer Gamble Sands 2022

Christian Hafer Gamble Sands 2022


Christian Hafer Gamble Sands 2022

bts on the road

Perhaps feeling the first stirrings of autumn creeping in, multiple BTS members hit the road this past week for some killer golf excursions. Click the title to head to each message in the server.

Honourable Company
“Got surprised today. Thought I was playing Craigielaw, but when my buddy picked me up he told me we were playing Muirfield instead. Unbelievable weather today, on a classic test of a true links course. They told me the greens were running faster today than they were for the women’s open. Icing in the cake I shot a 79.” – @Benzopyrene

Broken Tee Society Muirfield

Broken Tee Society Muirfield

Broken Tee Society Muirfield

Broken Tee Society Muirfield

Into the Wild(wood)
“Flew into Portland on Monday and a buddy picked me up, headed straight to Wildwood. I’m a sticker fanatic so when I saw this door I snapped and picture and moved on. During my flight home today I zoomed in and appreciated each one until I found this gem from @GolfBallGallery hiding in there! Siiiiick! I realized I need a stack of BTS stickers I can slap on many things as I travel too!” – @SethB

Buffalo Dunes
“I had the pleasure of getting a tour of the ongoing renovation happening at Buffalo Dunes in Garden City, KS this week. What was already one of the best courses in the state is drastically improving thanks to an in house renovation being led by superintendent Clay Payne. Clay is native to the area but has previously worked at Ballyneal and Dismal River and is bringing that level of quality to a $30 muni in southwest Kansas. When the renovation is completed it will be destination golf but it is definitely worth a trip now if you are within a couple hundred miles.” – @CFast

BTS Buffalo Dunes

Minnesota Miracle
“Oof. Coming back to real life after a golf trip of no work and no sleep is always TOUGH. Finally digging myself out of the hole lol

What an awesome trip. Minnesota truly is heaven on Earth….” – @IlliniGolferHack

Relive the Minnesota trip here.

goat vibes

We finish with a few stunners from BTS Bay Area Vice Captain Andy Tupman, who took a trip down to Goat Hill Park. Enjoy:

BTS Goat Hill Andy Tupman

BTS Goat Hill Andy Tupman

BTS Goat Hill Andy Tupman

BTS Goat Hill Andy Tupman

punch shots

A weekly roundup of great posts from the server: 

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  • Fenway First: One BTS member (and Red Sox staffer) helps another with tickets to a memorable ballgame.
  • Granite State Golfers podcast: @MicaStark tells the unique story of elite New Hampshire amateur Ryan Kohler, who plays out of Hooper GC (a former TGJ event site).
  • DC with @BRC: One member’s request for DC course recs elicits a frenzied filibuster of Beltway golf chatter.
  • Alaska Solstice 2023: @MegaKarl99 is already planning next year’s attempt at an irresponsible quantity of golf

on the tee

Wednesday, 9/7
Ryan Carey – Golden Age Auctions

BTS member Ryan Carey runs Golden Age Auctions. He sold the $5.1 million “Tiger Slam” irons, and is currently auctioning off an otherworldly haul of golf clubs. We’ll go deep with Ryan on everything related to the fascinating and fast-growing world of golf auctions.

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