Bump&Run: 9/26/22

A banner week in the Broken Tee Society saw a member meet up in Maryland, a photography overdose in the creative channel, three beautiful curios come to light, and much more.

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Member Spotlight: Paolo Uggetti, ESPN

Between scoping out USC football practices, ESPN features reporter and Broken Tee Society member Paolo Uggetti joined us last Wednesday on the Main Stage. Paolo counts himself among golf’s many Covid converts, but he’s jumped in with two feet, and tore himself away from the course long enough to cover both the men’s and women’s US Opens this summer. 

We chatted about his childhood in El Salvador, moving to America at age nine, using American sports to learn about his new home, his career at the Ringer, and much more. 

Listen here

creativity overdrive

The community’s photographers descended on the server en masse this past week, flooding the #📸│creative channel with gold from on and off the course. A sampling of each contributor’s work is below—tap on their username to see the full slate of images.


A walk in the woods with Mark:

MBrock golfer in forest


Jeremy took his talents to two fan-favorite MacKenzies while in the Bay Area. First, he dropped by Pasatiempo…

Pasatiempo GolfBallGallery

Before taking a quick spin around Northwood:

GolfBallGallery Northwood


Our Bay Area Vice Captain made the opposite journey, heading west to east for an epic bicoastal golf bender. The standout shot from Bandon: 

Andy Tupman Bandon Dunes

And from Tobacco Road:

Andy Tupman Tobacco Road


Dan joined the Sugarloaf gang at Hooper GC in New Hampshire, a former TGJ event locale, for a blades-and-hickories loop:

Daniel Duarte Hooper

Daniel Duarte Hooper


Away from the golf course, Jeremy captured his son’s golden-hour youth soccer game, then showed him the photography ropes: 

Creative channel youth soccer

Cabin Fever

Our DMV crew got together for a day of golf and fellowship at The Links at Perry Cabin, a Pete Dye original and of Maryland’s finest courses. Thanks to Steve Krupin for hosting, and to Jack A, Nick Lemmer, Paul H, and David Lee for capturing some scenes of the day:The Links at Perry Cabin

The Links at Perry Cabin

The Links at Perry Cabin

The Links at Perry Cabin

The Links at Perry Cabin

The Links at Perry Cabin

the eye of the beholder

Three beautiful curiosities appeared in two places on the server last week. Let’s dive in.

First, we have BTS Philly Vice Captain Sam Spuhler, aka @BirdiesNoBogeys, debuting the sensational restoration of his 2006 Scotty Cameron Circa 62. Got an old Scotty lying around? The experts at Scotty Cameron can work wonders:Scotty Cameron restoration

Scotty Cameron restoration

Scotty Cameron restoration

Scotty Cameron restoration

Perhaps even more fascinating, though, is the tale that @BartPair unfurled in the BTS #💎│classifieds.

To wit: Bart took first place in this year’s official Masters fantasy contest, and received a king’s ransom in prizes. He’s now looking to part with a few of them, for the right price. Interested? Bart is fielding offers at the links below:

Custom Masters MacKenzie Bag

Masters Augusta MacKenzie bag

Limited-Edition Masters Wristwatch

Masters Augusta watch

Masters Augusta watch

Punch shots

The best of the rest from the BTS:

  • Gripping stuff: A deep dive into the world of cords, wraps, and Tour velvets.
  • Ping thoughts: What do you think about when you putt? This discussion will undoubtedly change your answer.
  • BTS x Golden Age Auctions: A few members walked away from Ryan Carey’s latest auction with pieces of golf history.
  • Buddies trips: Broadmoor, Sea Island, or Big Cedar? The community weighs in.
  • Pro-Am Party: @OneFineGrind recaps a Pro-Am round with Angela Stanford and Dewi Weber.
  • Bar Rundown: @JKoons breaks down everything you need to know about Bar Run, Dan Hixson’s newest creation

on the tee

October 13
Inside the Titleist Golf Ball

An in-depth discussion about the most important piece of equipment in your bag. We’ll dive into the construction, specs, and improvements of Titleist’s ball offerings with Jeremy Stone, VP of Golf Ball Marketing.

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October 23
BTS Book Club: Barbarian Days

Our next BTS Book Club discussion, covering William Finnegan’s Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir “Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life”

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