Bump&Run: 8/29/22

From our interview with Practical Golf’s Jon Sherman, to a BTS Baton Rouge dispatch, to a host of other highlights, this week’s B&R reminds us that golf is meant to be fun.

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ride along

In case you missed it, Casey and Hafe caught a lift from Keith Mitchell on the way to the third round of last week’s BMW Championship. Go inside the 8-series as Keith dishes on his Spotify game, the story behind his oddball Twitter profile photo, and his favorite drives in golf. 

keith mitchell bmw championship

Watch the full version here.

the recipe for happy golf

Jon Sherman started Practical Golf in 2015 to fill a hole in the game-improvement marketplace. He values coaching over teaching, thinks swing tips are a waste of time, and works almost exclusively on improving a golfer’s mental game and strategic acumen.  

He’s also a great interview, and we were happy to have him join us last week to discuss his new book, The Four Foundations of Golf. He and TC dove into the definition of a “good” golf shot, why (and how) to focus on playing happy golf, and much more. 

Listen here.

survive and advance

From the people who brought you BTS Super Bowl Squares and BTS March Madness comes another exciting (and easy-to-join) pool: BTS NFL SURVIVOR. Details below.

Rules: Pick one (1) NFL team to win their game each week. If they win, you move on. If they lose, you’re out. You can only pick a team once.

Price: $11 per person

Venmo: @Robbie-Vogel (last four #s are 0628 if prompted)

Deadline: Thursday, 9/8, 5 PM ET.

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June in baton rouge

Member @Zaqtull shared a wonderful piece of writing in the #BTS-Denver channel last week—a rumination on a morbidly humid day at Louisiana State University’s deeply neglected campus golf course. And for as negative an experience as that may sound, Zaq’s tone and takeaways are hopeful. Happy, even.

Spend a few minutes enjoying “The Worst Golf Course I Ever Played,” and you just might start to rediscover the essence of the game the way the author did.

Proximity to downtown is one of the biggest assets of the Bayou Oaks Course at City Park. The locals say that when the popular New Orleans Jazz Fest is in full swing, they can hear the music from the course. Photo by Ryan Young Pictured: City Park in New Orleans. Decidedly not the worst golf course in the state.

Read the piece here

barbarian days: a surfing life

The BTS Book Club has settled on their next pick, and it is a terrific selection. William Finnegan’s Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir chronicles his life in the water, from a kid hanging 10 in Southern California to an adventure-seeking wanderer following the best waves across the globe. 

BTS members will relate to Finnegan’s passion for surfing – the parallels between the two pursuits run deep, and it should make for a wonderful book club chat. And for all the surf lovers in the BTS, one particular feature in TGJ No. 21 should hit home hard.

The Four Acts of Ben Garner surfing

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punch shots

A collection of odds, ends, and insights from the past week in the Broken Tee Society.

  • BTS DMV @ Perry Cabin: Sign up for our September 17th BTS meetup at The Links at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, MD.
  • Old Country Wandererings (Pt. 1): @Greebs shares his plan for an out-of-this-world, three-week Ireland boondoggle scheduled for August of 2023. 
  • Old Country Wanderings (Pt. 2): Not to be outdone, @Ned posts an upcoming Scotland itinerary for the ages.
  • Memories of Erin: Jason Jahnke has been all over the Midwest this summer, and took some time at home to cut together this stirring minute-long video of his time at Erin Hills.
  • Lawn and Garden ClubMember @DBShep’s homemade front yard putting green puts the neighbors’ lawns to shame.
  • Mat strategyCan’t build your own putting green? Take fellow members’ advice on the best synthetic putting mat for your home, either indoors or out.

on the tee

September 7, 1:00 PM
Ryan Carey, Golden Age Auctions

Boston’s Ryan Carey runs Golden Age Auctions. You may remember them as the sellers of the $5.1 million “Tiger Slam” irons. We’ll go deep with Ryan on everything related to the fascinating and fast-growing world of golf auctions.

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