Bump&Run: 8/16/22

A big week of BTS events saw events at White Bear and Northwood, a live Mark Broadie interview, and an update on the Bourbon Bash. All that and more below.

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the showcase @ white bear

The recap of our Showcase at White Bear Yacht Club deserves a quick primer on the course from Tom Coyne, in his feature “The Inexhaustible Variety of Life,” from TGJ No. 18:

“As we followed our golf balls around blind bends and across greens propped on their edges, I wondered at how coveted those boat slips must be to overshadow a course so frothy with fun. It was like golf atop a waterbed, and its heaving ebbs and flows paired lyrically with the lakeside setting.”

Last Monday, 108 Broken Tee Society Members took on this Golden Age rollercoaster. After 36 holes, plus a playoff to determine the morning round’s winners, it’s safe to say White Bear was a hit.White Bear Yacht Club Jason JahnkeTacking lakeward at WBYC

White Bear Yacht Club Jason JahnkeTaking dead aim

White Bear Yacht Club Jason Jahnke
A strong entry in the pantheon of golf bridges

White Bear Yacht Club Jason Jahnke
Celebrating a nifty up and down

White Bear Yacht Club Jason Jahnke
Testing all aspects of the game

White Bear Yacht Club Jason Jahnke
Gathering for the playoff

White Bear Yacht Club Jason Jahnke
Victory is secured

Photos by Jason Jahnke

among the giants

Meanwhile, in Northern California, BTS Vice Captain Andy Tupman brought a crew out to Northwood GC, a beguiling Alister MacKenzie nine-holer tiptoeing between centuries-old redwoods. Caleb Hannan wrote about the course in TGJ No. 6, so it’s always great to see our members making this walk. Northwood Andy Tupman Alister MacKenzie

In addition to offering a unique test of golf, Northwood serves up endless photo ops. Thanks to Andy for bringing his camera along with his golf game and capturing these gems.

Northwood Andy Tupman Alister MacKenzie

Northwood Andy Tupman Alister MacKenzie

Northwood Andy Tupman Alister MacKenzie

strokes gained, explained

Mark Broadie, the godfather of the Strokes Gained statistic, joined us last week for a deep dive into the world of golf analytics. Mark chatted with Tom Coyne about volatility vs. stability in a player’s game, where Tour players gain the most shots during winning weeks, the best area to focus your practice time for lower scores, and much more.

Head to the 🎧│bts-archive for a selection of clips from Mark’s interview.

the bourbon bash gets bigger

After months of planning, the Broken Tee Society Bourbon Bash is almost here, and our organizers are still hard at work making this golf and whiskey trip into something special. Last week, Cody dropped the news that they’ve added a tasting at Rabbit Hole Distillery to the agenda, rounding out a killer itinerary. 

The trip, running from October 5-9, includes five rounds of golf (with an option for a sixth); tours and tastings at Old Forester, Four Roses, and Buffalo Trace; lodging; transportation; and most meals.

Best of all: Cody and the crew are still looking for a few more signups! Interested? DM @CodyDPDX to get involved!

See the full itinerary here

launching the ferry

 On Wednesday, members of our Discord server got the first crack at signing up for The Showcase @ Wing Point. This cult classic on Washington’s Bainbridge Island sits under the radar for now, but we’re planning on changing that in a few months. 

Wing Point

Wing Point


Space filled quickly, but you can still snag a spot on the waitlist in hopes of securing your place in the event.

Join the waitlist

punch shots

A selection of highlights from around the server.

  • Putting the lights out: Sign up for a putting competition at Richmond’s Belmont GC.
  • BTS Classifieds: All sorts of apparel and equipment are up for sale in the updated BTS Classifieds section, including this scintillating GEOM Moe iron set.
  • Dirty grooves: Another engrossing entry in Ash Levitt’s “Musical Worlds Colliding” series combines Glen Campbell, Nine Inch Nails, and Queens of the Stone Age.
  • Special Olympics fundraising event: An opportunity to play Houston’s The Woodlands while supporting a worthy cause.
  • Denver intel: The Mile High City’s golf communities, ranked.
  • Time flies: Our resident horologists discuss their passion in the Timepieces channel

on the tee

Christy Longfield on the Ultimate Heater

Christy Longfield, AKA @imsocrabby in the server, joins Tom Coyne to discuss her recent top-100 binge. After knocking off Cypress, Pine Valley, and Merion among many others, Christy is ready to share her recaps and controversial rankings.


August 24
Jon Sherman: The Four Foundations of Golf

Practical Golf founder and Broken Tee Society member Jon Sherman joins us to discuss his new book, The Four Foundations of Golf. We’ll chat about the exhaustive research behind his work, and how you can apply his learnings to shoot better scores.


September 7
Ryan Carey: Golden Age Auctions

Boston’s Ryan Carey runs Golden Age Auctions. You may remember them as the sellers of the $5.1 million “Tiger Slam” irons. We’ll go deep with Ryan on everything related to the fascinating and fast-growing world of golf auctions.