Bump&Run: 6/6/22

An influx of Members, a winner for our May referral game, and an old friend on a new assignment. This is your weekly Bump&Run.

Bump&Run is the weekly recap of our Members-only Discord server. Haven’t joined our server yet? Do so here: glfrsj.nl/BTSconnect

starter's kit

With a number of new folks joining the server over the past week, we felt it was the right time for a little Broken Tee Society 101. Newbies, think of this as that first-tee starter’s spiel. And vets, hopefully you’ll pick up a few tips as well!

Joining your local chapter

A great place to start in the Discord server is your local chapter, where you can connect with nearby Members for games, course discussions, and more. Anyone can read (or post in) any local chapter channel, but joining your local chapter allows you to receive a notification whenever someone tags that region in a post. To join your local chapter, follow the steps below:

  1. Head to your local channel (e.g.: #bts-new-england)
  2. Tap the pushpin in the upper right corner
  3. Head to the “BTS Helper” message
  4. Tap the emoji below the message – that’s it!

Local chapter message

Broken Tee Society events

To keep up with all the live interviews, TGJ event registrations, and watch parties happening around the BTS, simply tap the calendar in the very top left of the server. And don’t forget, you can add the BTS calendar to your calendar app of choice.

BTS events

Broken Tee Archive

Can’t listen live? Not to worry. Members get access to every interview and Town Hall we’ve published – head to our BTS Archive here to browse them all. 

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yardage book: hospital

Members of the server got a first look at a new TGJ Digital feature on Friday morning. When not educating us on all varietals of music, Ryan Book (aka @BethpageBlackMetal) covers the nuances of golf architecture. In his latest feature, Ryan takes us inside the gates of The Country Club for a look at a significant hole in US Open history–which won’t see a single shot struck during this year’s tournament. 

Christian Hafer provides the visuals, including the background of this newsletter.

Read the feature.

may referral game winner

A hearty congratulations to Chris Brulatour, aka @CJB, for winning the referral prize for the month of May! Chris referred Andy Rauh, and now both are walking away with a $500 FootJoy gift card!

Both winners, along with all Members who refer a friend to TGJ this year, are entered into the year-long referral game. 

The prize? Only a brand-new, fully fitted bag of Titleist clubs. 

Get your referral link.

golf's longest day

For the top one percent of golfers, this phrase refers to today’s final shot at US Open qualifying. For the rest of us, it refers to the summer solstice–that magical day when the sun rises early and sticks around long enough for the game’s devotees to gobble up an outrageous number of holes. 

We’ve got Members playing three New England courses across three different states, an Alaska scramble set to tee off at 6:30 PM, and a multi-time Bandon solstice attendee.

Got a killer golf solstice adventure planned? Let us know!

punch shots

A selection of the best posts from around the server. 

  • Man of the Match: Member Jeremy Freeman shares some of his photos documenting The Match, including a desk shot of Chuck and the gang and a rare photo of the cameraman himself.
  • US Open channel: Your one-stop shop for everything US Open
  • Dads FTW: In the run-up to Father’s Day, we’re thanking the dads in our life–whether they play golf, surf, or take photos.
  • DJ and LIV: A thought-provoking back-and-forth on the state of men’s pro golf today.
  • Driving irons and DTC equipment: Thoughts on the ideal longest club in the bag, plus the desire to break with traditional OEMs.

on the tee

Tuesday, 2:30 PM ET
Alan Shipnuck on PHIL! – The Unauthorized Biography

Legendary golf scribe Alan Shipnuck joins us to dish on his brand-new Phil Mickelson biography, our July BTS Book Club pick. We’ll also chat about the LIV golf saga and the upcoming US Open at Brookline.

RSVP here

Sunday, 9:00 PM ET
Book Club: The Spirit of St. Andrews

Join Matt, TC, and the rest of the BTS Book Club for a Sunday evening chat on Dr. Alister MacKenzie’s “The Spirit of St. Andrews.”

RSVP here

Featured photo via Jeremy Freeman, aka @GolfBallGallery