Bump&Run: 6/27/22

As TGJ celebrated five years and 20 issues at Metalwood studios, the Broken Tee Society set out to conquer the solstice one fairway at a time. All that, plus a run-in with a former POTUS, in this week’s Bump&Run.

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five years and 20 issues ago...

TGJ No. 20 marked five years in business, and every good milestone deserves a killer party. Enter LA’s new Metalwood Studios, where the BTS and friends gathered on Thursday to celebrate with beer, tacos, club re-grippings, and a healthy dose of fellowship. A few scenes from the festivities below. 

TGJ No. 20 launch party Metalwood Studio

TGJ No. 20 launch party Metalwood Studio

TGJ No. 20 launch party Metalwood Studio

TGJ No. 20 launch party Metalwood Studio

TGJ No. 20 launch party Metalwood Studio

TGJ No. 20 launch party Metalwood Studio

TGJ No. 20 launch party Metalwood Studio

TGJ No. 20 launch party Metalwood Studio

July 2nd: bts meetup @ industry hills

And speaking of Los Angeles, this July 4th weekend, join SoCal regional Vice Captain Jeff Lamb and the Broken Tee Society for the BTS Meetup at Industry Hills GC in Pomona. $120 gets you 18 holes with a cart, range balls, and the chance to tee it up with BTS members hailing from all across sunny southern California. 

See you there!

the longest day of golf

Tuesday marked the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, so there was only one thing to do: play golf all damn day. 

Anchorage, Alaska (@megakarl99): “Had a pretty solid day here in Anchorage for the solstice tournament. Last photo was taken at 12:15AM. Very characteristic Alaskan day. Everything from 70 and sunny to 51 and raining during our round.”

BTS Solstice 2022

BTS Solstice 2022

Chambers Bay (@cmallon): “4:40AM shotgun, did 55 holes w/ my own bag (yes, there were groups who were doing 72). Hot, 90+ and tons of sun. Lots of birdies, bogies & a few beers. Big money raised for First Tee.”

Chambers Bay solstice

BTS Solstice 2022

Winston-Salem, NC (@stephenjedwards): “Crew of WSNC homies out at Reynolds Park celebrating Summer Solstice. Twilight golf remains undefeated!”

BTS Solstice 2022

New England (@RobbieVogel): Seven golfers. Three courses. Three states. One GCA team serving as the through line for one epic day of golf. Photos below from Rutland CC in Vermont, Taconic in the far northwest corner of Massachusetts, and New Hampshire’s 9-hole gem at Hooper.

BTS Solstice 2022 Rutland’s first tee. 7:30 AM. (L-R: Robbie, Josh Beer, Robert Romeril, Kyle Bell, Stephen Muscarella, Jason Nelson, Ian Tracy)

BTS Solstice 2022High above Rutland

BTS Solstice 2022 The rolling waves of Taconic (Photos: Mike Altobello)BTS Solstice 2022 A glowing approach as night falls on Hooper’s 9th hole (Photo: Robert Romeril)

bts (and potus) irl

The past few months, Members have been documenting their Broken Tee Society rounds and run-ins in the BTS IRL channel. Two selections below, starting with a Maine rendezvous with GWB.

Dubya:George W Bush Cape Arundel

@JimMoeller and @SLAG08 bookend 43 in a chance encounter at Cape Arundel in Kennebunk, ME. Jim’s report from the ground: 

“Today was a banner day. Not only did I play 36 at my two favorite courses in Maine – Webhannet and Cape Arundel – but @SLAG08 and I and a friend met President Bush, who couldn’t have been nicer. SLAG (a member of our Air Force and Texas native) and he bonded over their shared Texas roots and the military.”

BTS takes Yale GC:

Yale Golf Course with the Broken Tee Society

The next best thing to meeting President Bush is playing golf at his alma mater. Full group roll call: 

on the tee

Thursday, July 7th, 2:30 PM ET
Destination Dive: St. Andrews

Join Tom Coyne, Edinburgh resident Michael Bracewell, and St. Andrews native Ian Birrell for a deep dive into Scotland’s golf Mecca. It’s the Home of Golf, through the eyes of the BTS.

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Open Championship week
BTS Open Championship Giveaway

Keep your eyes peeled for our traditional (free-to-enter) major pool, as well as a little giveaway courtesy of one generous BTS Member.