Bump&Run: 6/13/22

From a live discussion with Alan Shipnuck, to the story behind the real Brookline, we covered a lot of ground this week. Let’s get to it.

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"An existential threat to the pga tour"

Short of Phil Mickelson (and MBS), there is no one more qualified to discuss pro golf’s monumental schism than Alan Shipnuck. Tom Coyne chatted with Alan in front of a live audience of BTS Members on Tuesday, covering all things LIV, Phil and Saudi Arabia–mere hours before Ship boarded a plane for the LIV London event…and a date with some hired muscle

Listen here.


Speaking of Alan, his new Phil Mickelson biography is our July book of the month in the BTS Book Club, and he was kind enough to send over an exclusive excerpt, available only to the Broken Tee Society. 

You may think you’ve read everything possible about Phil Mickelson’s nightmarish 72nd hole in the 2006 US Open. That is, until you hear from Johnny Miller, a breathless Mike Lupica, Phil’s childhood swing coach, and more.

READ: “I Am Such an Idiot”

the muni next door

From one historic US Open venue to another – we head this week to Brookline, and the unimpeachable pedigree of The Country Club.

What most folks might not know? Directly next to TCC (we’re talking chain-link-fence adjacent) sits Putterham Meadows–a sporty little muni that reflects Boston’s golf scene better than the private club ever could. 

The USGA is parking cars at Putterham this week, but that’s only half the story. In a new TGJ digital feature, Robbie Vogel explains why this muni’s destruction just might spur a return to its Golden Age glory. 

Read the feature

Photos (including this newsletter’s background) by Christian Hafer

100 holes, and a solstice spectacular

The days are approaching peak length in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Broken Tee Society is taking full advantage. Behold:

  • 100 holes in KohlerMember Jeremy Koons took on the Youth On Course 100-Hole Hike in Kohler, and brought along fellow Member Dylan Bloch to capture the action. We’re not sure if either of them have dried out yet. More photos here.
  • A New England Tri-StaterMembers of our New England chapter are getting frisky on June 21st – they’ll play two 18s and a windup 9 on the longest day of the year. The catch? Each is designed by the same architect, and all three are in different states. Interested? Head to the New England channel to follow along – or join up!
  • PNW Solstices Galore: Up in the top left corner of our country, the golf fervor runs unabated. Witness Member @BDT (along with @Slippin_Jimmy and @farris_holliday) planning for the Bandon Solstice, in which brave souls attempt to play all four 18-holers in one day. Similarly, @CMallon will be taking on the Chambers Bay Solstice, and we’re hearing rumblings that @MegaKarl99 will be teeing it up at 83o PM for an all-night Alaska scramble.

Got a killer solstice golf adventure planned? Let us know!

choose your fighter(s)

Lovers of a friendly wager: it’s that time once again.

Head to our US Open channel to join our BTS US Open Pool. Entry is free, and the top three finishers will find cold hard TGJ cash in their member lockers. 

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punch shots

A crowded newsletter deserves a sparse Punch Shots section. Here are two discussions that really popped off this week. Both are worth your time. 

To cover, or not to cover: Mention “iron covers” to most golfers and you’ll get a quick laugh. Member @Tidalwave says, “Not so fast.” Read his thoughts, and the community’s response, here.

The backward press: What started as a curiosity has grown to a movement. Member @whileseated highlighted the moment in TGJ Podcast 104 when guest Peter Beames bequeathed his “secret to golf.” In the intervening days, community members from coast to coast have put it into play with unqualified success. Who says TGJ doesn’t do swing tips?

Newsletter featured photo from Member @Scoob during a recent trip to Bandon. More of his work here

starter's kit

With a number of new folks joining the server over the past week, we felt it was the right time for a little Broken Tee Society 101. Newbies, think of this as that first-tee starter’s spiel. And vets, hopefully you’ll pick up a few tips as well!

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