Bump&Run: 4/18/22

BTS gatherings from Atlanta to Seattle, a Masters sizzle reel for the ages, and your new favorite golf history podcast. This week, in Bump&Run.

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where the players play

There’s a new must-visit spot in metro Atlanta, and despite its modest size, this golf facility offers an unparalleled hang. Welcome to the backyard of BTS member Jeremy, aka @GolfBallGallery, who hosted an impromptu meetup when the TGJ van rolled through town.


“Can you see the ice cream truck from up there?”
A little post-work practice
golfballgalleryBroken Te(a) time?

climbing the ladder

After being voted in by his Pacific Northwest peers as their regional Vice Captain, Cody Davenport wasted no time in putting together a season-long PNW Broken Tee Society ladder challenge

Cody’s post in the Pacific Northwest Discord channel has more information, but the gist is that PNW members can sign up to compete in a series of matches against one another throughout the season. We’re kicking around a few fun ideas for the final match, so definitely get involved while you can!

fore the good of the game

Artists, athletes, and business leaders all find a home in the BTS… as do a number of golf storytellers. 

One such member who has caught our eye recently is Mike Gonzalez, who has partnered with PGA Tour winner Bruce Devlin to start the Fore the Good of the Game podcast. Their show aims to interview every living World Golf HOF member, as well as every living major winner. 

With episodes featuring Tom Watson, Hal Sutton, Andy North and more, Mike’s podcast is a must-listen for any golf history buff.

Listen to their podcast here, and look Mike up @ForetheGoodoftheGame in our server!

piped-in birdies

Speaking of creating golf content, user @WhileSeated put a unique spin on the year’s first major by creating a supercut of every approach shot that yielded birdie or better on Masters Sunday.

Press play, kick back, and enjoy the fireworks in Discord here.

YouTube link here.

championship sunday

Broken Tee Society member (and recent podcast guest) Phoebe Brinker went from the fairways of Augusta National to the winner’s circle yesterday, as she captured the ACC Individual Title!

A three-day total of 10-under 206 at The Reserve Golf Club tied her for the second lowest total in ACC Championship history. Congrats Phoebe!

phoebe brinker Courtesy: The ACC

punch shots

  • Going global: New BTS member Chris checks in from Nagoya, Japan–and immediately meets a former Nagoya resident in the introductions channel. The BTS world is both large and very, very small.
  • Back in the yard: Member @DbShep checks back in from the BTS’s finest all-grass backyard putting green. The winters are long in his home of Canada, but spring has sprung.
  •  BTS’s Hottest Club is Ace: User @KD found the bottom of the cup from an even hundred yards for his first career ace! With the season just starting to ramp up, here’s to many more happy notifications like this. Remember, every HIO earns you entry into the coveted BTS Ace Club, and a special dart badge beside your profile name.

on the tee

Tuesday, 3 PM ET
Behind No. 19: Crawford Anderson-Dillon on Dornoch

The inimitable Crawford Anderson-Dillon stops by the Main Stage to debrief on “Hard Forged” – his deeply reported piece on Royal Dornoch and the two lifelong locals whose friendship forms the basis of the tale.

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