Bump&Run: 4/11/22

A small invitational tournament just wrapped up in northeast Georgia. See it through the lens of the Broken Tee Society in this week’s Bump&Run.

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TGJ Senior Editor Tom Coyne spent last week acquainting himself with the sights, sounds, and sensations of Augusta National and the Masters Tournament. His takeaway? The mystique of this tournament is real, and it’s spectacular. 

Read Tom’s essay here

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Congratulations to the winners of our Masters fantasy pool! Check the member locker in your TGJ account for your winnings, and might we suggest an addition to your summer wardrobe?

Tom P: $250
Thomas Holliday: $100
KSYinSETennessee: $50

from the grounds of the national

If you missed any of our live daily recaps from Tom’s time in Augusta, along with our conversation with ANWA participant Phoebe Brinker, you can catch them all in the Broken Tee Archive below. Happy listening! 

Broken Tee Archive

a thousand words

BTS Member and Bay Area Vice Captain Andy Tupman brought his camera along on his journey to Augusta, and the community is better for it.


In line on the lawn


Augusta National Andy Tupman A Titleist’s-eye view of Azalea

Augusta National Andy Tupman The GOAT returns… again

ace in the hole

If you’re going to come all the way from Melbourne, Australia to attend one of our events, you might as well make it memorable. And that’s exactly what Quentin Sear did at Champions Retreat on Thursday, when he jarred one on the course’s penultimate hole. 

Quentin and his buddies attended the Masters Friday and Sunday, but we’re guessing nothing outdid that one fateful Thursday swing. 

Watch the video here!

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punch shots

on the tee

Wednesday, 4 PM ET
Behind No. 19: Chasing Scratch

From the pages of TGJ to the airwaves of the BTS – Mike Shade and Eli Strait from Chasing Scratch join us on the Main Stage. We’ll talk about their podcast, the journey it’s taken them on, and the experience of being profiled in No. 19.

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