Bump&Run: 3/28/22

An impromptu BTS Miami meetup. Your chance for a priceless Scotty Cameron. Merch falling from the virtual sky. All this and more in today’s Bump&Run.

Bump&Run is the weekly recap of our members-only Discord server. Haven’t joined our server yet? Do so here: glfrsj.nl/BTSconnect 

"I never win anything like this"

These are the words of Josh Proffitt, BTS member from outside Philadelphia, after returning from a whirlwind trip to Miami to join three other members in the Puma x Palm Tree Crew Invitational.  

Rickie Fowler, Kyle Berkshire, KYGO, and Bryson DeChambeau all played second fiddle to Dan, Kyle, Michael, and Josh (below, L-R), the four community members who won free entrance into the event courtesy of TGJ. 

The lesson here, courtesy of Michael Scott (and Wayne Gretzky): You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

bts meetup: pine dunes

Houston BTS member Dale Hosack has a few open spots on Saturday, 4/2 for a 20-person Broken Tee Society meetup at Pine Dunes GC in Frankston, TX – a golf course that Shane Bacon has called “the best hidden gem in America.”

Tee times begin at 11 AM, and rumor has it that some BTS swag will be making its way to the wilds of Texas direct from TGJ HQ in San Clemente.

DM @DaleHosack on Discord for more info, and we hope to see you out there! 

a capital affair

We opened our events season last Saturday at Tallahassee’s Capital City Country Club, and were delighted to welcome dozens of BTS members out to The House that Jay Revell Built ®. 

Between a few rain showers, golfers got their fill of this Tillinghast rollercoaster that has hosted everyone from King Edward to Jeb Bush. Trusty sidekick Leon made his presence known, and we rolled out late in the evening knowing that we had chosen the perfect spot for TGJ’s first Florida outing.

Read Jay’s thoughtful recap of the event here.

A grand entrance

Deciphering CCCC’s tricky greens

Leon in his happy place

win a tgj scotty cameron

Not much else needs to be said. Scotty Cameron made 12 custom TGJ-branded putters. The only way to get your hands on one is to refer a friend to TGJ in March and hope your name gets picked. 

So far, we’ve had 70 referrals this month. 1 in 70 for a 1-of-12 putter? We like those odds. You’ve got three days to get in the game.

Grab your referral link here

prime (time) meridian

For the past few weeks, members of our BTS Book Club have been working through Cormac McCarthy’s seminal Blood Meridian. Though its themes, language, and subject matter leave a lot of topics open for interpretation, we’ve settled on one thing: our Book Club discussion will take place on Sunday, April 24th at 8 PM ET. 

Looking to join the Book Club? DM @RobbieVogel on Discord.

RSVP here for the discussion

brie's got the goods

Gloves, hoodies, bags, and more! The merch channel was on fire last week, with TGJ merch maven Brie dropping new goods on a daily basis. Get in there and grab your fill of the Broken Tee before it’s too late. 

TGJ Shop

odds and ends

A roundup of the best (and sometimes worst) of the last week in the server.

  • Fatherly wisdomA simple, sentimental tip for the new parents in the server. 
  • On the ground intel: Resident Austin legend Christy Longfield checks in from the Match Play.
  • Evidence of clumsiness: @AndyC with a golf-related injury that an MLB relief pitcher would be proud of.
  • So I tell him I’m a pro jock: Looking for a Pinehurst caddie? BTS member @Thomasrj will be manning bags at the resort all season. DM him for a loop!
  • Volunteers wanted: New Jersey member @Brianmk highlights an opportunity to volunteer at the LPGA’s Cognizant Founders Cup at Montclair CC.

on the tee

April 4, 5:00 PM
ANWA and ANGC with Phoebe Brinker

Live from Augusta National, Tom Coyne welcomes Duke sophomore and ANWA participant Phoebe Brinker to the Main Stage. They’ll discuss playing Augusta, college golf, and Philly’s Archmere Academy, where both attended high school!

RSVP here

Masters Week
TC live from Augusta

Join us every night of Masters week as Tom Coyne hosts a live, members-only hangout, debriefing his day on the grounds. 

RSVP here


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