Bump&Run: 2/22/22

Welcome to your weekly Bump&Run, a recap of what you may have missed during the past week on the Broken Tee Society Discord server. Not yet a member of the server? Head here to join: glfrsj.nl/BTSconnect

On this Tuesday, we’re celebrating the power of the number 2. A special thanks go out two @BirdiesNoBogeys, @MattChom, @Dan Mullin, @MicaStark, and @WilGolfKentucky for their editorial assistance this week. Potential contributors can DM @RobbieVogel to get involved!

the chance of a lifetime

Our year-long TGJ referral game just got real.

Thanks to our friends at Titleist, this year’s referral game winner will receive an entire new bag of custom-fitted Titleist clubs. That means driver through wedges, tuned and tailored to your specs, and sent home with you free of charge.

What’s included:

  1. Titleist TSi Custom Driver
  2. Titleist TSi Custom Fairways/hybrids
  3. Full Set of Custom Titleist Irons
  4. Vokey SM9 Wedges
  5. Scotty Cameron Putter
  6. TGJ Stand Bag

Every TGJ referral you make counts as one lottery ticket in this contest. Get 10 friends onboard via your referral link, you’ll get 10 chances to win.

Drawing will take place after the Tour Championship

We’ll also have monthly referral prizes including Scotty Cameron putters, Linksoul gear, and other cool stuff, so get referring early and often!

You + your referral. TGJ + Titleist. The power of the 2 can’t be overstated.

Get your referral link here

Inness World Record

We knew that The Outing @ Inness on May 22 would be a popular event, but selling out in under a minute wasn’t part of the plan.

We hate watching our Members miss out on the fun, and thankfully, the good folks at Inness agree with us. Originally closed on Monday, May 23rd, Inness is now ours for the day.

Another 60 spots are up for grabs, and those on the waitlist will have right of first refusal. So skip out on work and start your week with the Broken Tee Society.

Register for The Outing @ Inness II here.

Zac of all trades

Last Wednesday, everyone’s favorite PGA Tour player/social media follow/golf course designer joined TC on the Main Stage to showcase The Tree Farm, his highly anticipated project which is nearing completion in Aiken, SC.

Zac let BTS members inside the Tree Farm ropes, sharing stories from the turbulent land purchase (which required an interstate drive during a FedEx Cup Playoff event), to hiring Tom Doak, to how his team paid homage to one of golf’s hardest holes, and much more. And yes, ZB also addressed the Buck Club skeptics, and shared plans for the future of what he jokingly referred to as his “fake golf course.”

Catch the full interview here.

break tees, not brackets

With our One and Done league humming along and a successful Super Bowl Squares pool under our belt, this feels like a no-brainer. 

Hit the basketball emoji in the pinned post within 🚶│golf-degens to sign up for our March Madness pool. Details and payouts still TBA, but it’s never too early to start identifying your Cinderella.

d.i.y. not?

The 👷│diy channel is at it again, this time showcasing both the camaraderie and talents within the Broken Tee Society. A quick timeline: 

Jan 27: @Pasco floats a question into the channel, wondering if anyone can turn an old USPS mail bag into a headcover. @JKoons responds. Cut to a few short weeks later…

Feb 14: @JKoons sweetens Pasco’s Valentine’s Day with this classy, one-of-one piece, complete with tee holder pocket.

Drop by DIY to scratch any creative itch you may have; currently discussions include club stamping, putter restoration, 3D printing, scorecard holders and more.

punch shots

  • Riv for the day: TGJ’s very own @beetee and @CaseyBannon got the member’s treatment at last week’s PGA Tour venue, as Brendon played in the pro-am alongside Riviera local Francesco Molinari. Casey provided moral support, suspect caddying advice, and live coverage for all of us stuck at work. 
  • Boiling hot intel: BTS member @Tenpoke took one for the team and scouted out Boiling Springs ahead of April’s TGJ event at this Oklahoma oasis. His main takeaway: stay below the hole.
  • Golf in the tundra: When it’s not hosting TGJ events, Hooper GC serves the golf-mad population of Walpole, New Hampshire with its annual Arctic Open. While many were playing or watching golf in the Arizona sunshine, BTS member and Hooper co-owner Josh Beer led his crew through a golfing snowglobe.
  • Waste(d) Management: In case you somehow missed it, there was a golf tournament in Arizona last week. TGJ got in on the action with a pro-am and some bucket-list VIP tickets on the 16th hole thanks to our friends at Oakley. Some say the hangovers are still lingering. Check out the Oakley DD and WMPO Festivities thread for a heavy dose of FOMO. 

on the tee

Thursday, 2/24, 2:30 PM ET
Catching Up with Shane Bacon

Golf Channel personality Shane Bacon stops by the Main Stage to catch up with Tom Coyne. From calling Big Air at the Olympics, to the fluctuating state of the pro game, to a fateful swing that you’ll read about in the pages of No. 19, Shane has a lot to discuss.

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Thursday, 3/3, 2:00 PM ET
Photography 101 with Christian Hafer

Chat with the man behind the lens. TGJ’s Director of Visuals (or @hafe_life, as you might know him) fields your photography questions and offers an exclusive instruction session on the art, science, and magic of great photography. Drop your questions here, and RSVP below for the discussion.

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