Bump&Run: 2/14/22

Welcome to a special Valentine’s Day edition of Bump&Run, a recap of what you may have missed during the past week on the Broken Tee Society Discord server. Not yet a member of the server? Head here to join: glfrsj.nl/BTSconnect

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Down on zb's farm

Zac Blair wears a number of hats: PGA Tour player, GCA lover, founder of the borderless Buck Club, purveyor of sweet merch. Now, after years of grinding both in and out of the social media spotlight, all of his hard work is finally coming to fruition.

Join us on Wednesday at 2 ET as we discuss Zac’s efforts to build a modern golf club. We’ll cover his journey from social media darling, to punching bag, to owner of the Doak-designed Tree Farm, currently under construction in Aiken, South Carolina. 

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sustainability 101

Our Foundations season took a step forward last week, as we welcomed in Alex, Andre, and Andrew from Driving the Green for a terrific overview of sustainability in golf. 

This team of experts brings strong and diverse backgrounds in this space, with experience leading green initiatives for National Links Trust and several PGA Tour events. But, as we learned, sustainability goes far beyond saving the environment. Tune in, and you might just come away with a few ideas to implement at your home club.

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a tale of two mornings

The majority of the Broken Tee Society watched with equal parts happiness and jealousy as a lucky few BTS lottery winners descended on Scottsdale for the WM Phoenix Open. In addition to playing in Oakley’s Desert Duel pro-am event at McCormick Ranch, the TGJ squad enjoyed the scene at golf’s loudest hole, where Sam Ryder’s ace prompted the WM squad to spring into action.

Member @Jack A took over the Good Morning channel to offer a blow-by-blow of the proceedings, which reads as a fun time capsule. Less fun? His post the following morning, from back home in snowy Virginia.

sunday reading

The next 🤓│bts-book-club discussion approaches. On Sunday, February 20, the group will discuss John Kennedy’s A Course of Their Own, a history of Black golfers. One item on the agenda will be the merits of the cross-handed grip, given the impressive success enjoyed by the left-hand low approach of Howard Wheeler.

With a week to go, there’s still plenty of time to hop on board and finish this quick read in time for our chat.

We’re also on the lookout for our next read. Drop your suggestions here, and RSVP here for the Book Club meeting on Sunday.

are we square?

If we’re being honest, golf took a back seat last night to the Big Game. We’re not totally sure if we’re allowed to use the S-B word, but we do know that a handful of BTS members saw their lucky numbers come up at the end of each quarter, and are looking at a rosier number in their Venmo accounts this morning. 

A particular shoutout to @Ahrensgody, who enjoyed a truly Cinderella-like evening, nabbing payouts for both squares boards for the halftime and final scores. 

Thanks to all who participated, and a reminder to stay tuned to the 🚶│golf-degens channel as we head towards March Madness and beyond!


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on the tee

Wednesday, 2/16, 2:30 PM ET
Zac Blair on Building a Modern Golf Club

If you’re reading this, you’re at least generally aware of Zac Blair’s efforts to build the golf club of his dreams. With his Tree Farm project in South Carolina nearing completion, we welcome ZB in to the BTS for an in-depth breakdown of his journey.

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Thursday, 2/24, 2:30 PM ET
Storytelling 101 with Prof. Tom Coyne

Writers, unite! TGJ’s Master of Letters sits down for a foundational discussion on the ancient art of tale-spinning. Bring your composition notebooks, and don’t worry – there will not be a quiz.

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