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Bump&Run: 12/6

Welcome to Bump&Run, a recap of what you may have missed during the past week on the Broken Tee Society Discord server. 

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"just be yourself"

Those are the words of Olajuwon Ajanaku and Earl Cooper, who joined us on Wednesday to discuss how they’ve taken their lifestyle brand, Eastside Golf, from side hustle to game changer in just two years. Listen to our chat here, which covers the origins of Eastside, the definition of culture, East Atlanta, working with Michael Jordan, and much more. You’ll get a head start on our regular podcast audience, who will find this conversation in their pod feeds later this week.

Miss any other recent BTS programming? Hit up the Broken Tee Society Archive, a compendium of all our previous discussions.

heavy hitters

In case you didn’t notice, our 2022 TGJ Events calendar is looking strong to quite strong. In addition to three-day getaways at Mid Pines, Sand Valley, and Gamble Sands, we’ve added household names like Prairie Dunes and White Bear Yacht Club, slept-on gems like Wing Point and Llanerch, plus a slew of other exclusive sites.

Check out the calendar here, and follow along as we add to it this week.

friends in high places

It was a big week for our Discord peeps! Christy Longfield (@imsocrabby) was deservedly recognized as one of the best instructors in Texas (and one of only two women on her state’s list). It’s a good thing we got our fill of complimentary swing thoughts during our chat with Christy a few weeks back.

And a second helping of props goes to (@GolfBallGallery), aka Jeremy from Atlanta, who spent his Thanksgiving break on assignment as the official photographer of The Match. That photo of Phil doing his best Don King impression? That was Jeremy.

the wright stuff

Members of our Book Club got a delightful surprise on Wednesday with the announcement that celebrated author Wright Thompson will be joining us next month to discuss Pappyland. Wright’s body of work speaks for itself, and we’re honored to welcome his Augusta-worthy pipes into our midst. Per the author’s request, we ask that you support Square Books in Wright’s hometown of Oxford, MS, and use code PAPPYLAND for 10% off!

a holiday holy war

And speaking of the Book Club, we hope you’re closing in on the finish line of Brett Cyrgalis’s Golf’s Holy War. We’re already looking forward to discussing it in our first meeting on Wednesday the 15th. RSVP here.

Best of all, Brett has kindly agreed to join us himself for a special home for the holidays Book Club get together on the 27th! RSVP here.

odds and ends

In the spirit of year-end contemplation, we present the 2021 Broken Tee Society Composite 18: a daily, democratic, hole-by-hole collection of the best golf we’ve played this year. We’re in the middle of the front nine, so nominate your favorite fourth hole, make your voice heard in the poll and check back in to witness the growth of this crowdsourced dream course.

Already looking ahead to next year? Hop into our season-long PGA Tour one-and-done league. Just pick one player each week, no repeats. Most money earned throughout the season takes home a TGJ swag haul.

on the tee

Tuesday, 1:30 PM ET

Join us on the Main Stage for a chat with Symetra Tour player and Broken Tee Society member Brynn Walker! Brynn and TGJ’s Tom Coyne will go deep on the highs and lows of chasing an LPGA Tour card, discuss her ongoing blog series chronicling her journey, and take questions from the audience.

RSVP here

Thursday, 10:30 AM ET

CBS Sports golf scribe Kyle Porter joins us Thursday morning on the Main Stage to dish on all things pro golf, hustling your way to the top, writing 101 and much more. You will not want to miss this one.

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