Bump&Run: 12/12/22

While the lucky few today are out enjoying the redesigned Lake Merced, the rest of us will have to make do with another Broken Tee Society roundup. This week: our first TGJ event of 2023, big news in the 3-Jack Fund, a workout routine to get you through the winter blues and a very special wedding cake. 

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time to face the music

If you’ve participated in the year-long 3-Jack Fund, we have good news and bad news. The good: You get two weeks off at the end of the year? The bad: It’s time to pay the piper. 

Our year-end hangout and 50/50 raffle will take place this Thursday at 2:30 ET. Hop in as we celebrate a year’s worth of mediocre putting, draw the winner of our 50/50 raffle, and reveal which charity we’ll be supporting with this year’s funds.

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new shoe day

In case you missed it, your member locker now contains $25 to Rothy’s. Stylish, washable and made from recycled material, Rothy’s are perfect for those post-round shoe changes, according to TGJ Publisher Brendon Thomas. Head to your member locker, pick up your code, and snag a pair today.


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2023 events

You heard it here first: our first TGJ event will be a joint venture with our friends at Youth on Course, as we kick off 2023 on 17-Mile Drive. Join us on February 17 at Monterey’s Poppy Hills GC for a day of golf and fellowship, all to support a very worthy cause. Through just our member registration fees alone, this event will pay for 2,000 rounds of youth golf for YOC members. 

Poppy Hills

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ring the bell

Get a head start on the January gym warriors and join our kettlebell crew! A handful of members are only a few days into a grueling workout circuit, and guided by fellow member and HKC-certified kettlebell instructor Bill McGrath, it seems like they’re on the right track! 

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composite course(s)

While our 2022 Broken Tee Society Composite Course takes shape (nominate your favorite holes of the year for inclusion here), a challenger has appeared! @Munis_and_monsters has taken this challenge local, creating a St. Louis-specific composite course for all our Gateway City friends. Head to either spot as we reminisce on our years in golf.

california meetups

BTS Bay Area Vice Captain Andy Tupman has been busy! His 36-person meet-up at Pasatiempo is going down on Tuesday, and he’s already working on a January outing at Yocha Dehe, which has plenty of spots still available.

Not to be outdone, Thomas Holliday and Jeff Lamb are organizing at Goat Hill outing for Sunday, 12/18. Head to the SoCal channel to join the fun. 

do you take this golfer...

We’ve seen homemade TGJ jack-o-lanterns, snowmen, and even a handful of tattoos. But this takes the cake (sorry). Introducing the wedding cake of member Jacob Wilson…

Wedding Cake Jacob Wilson

on the tee

Thursday, 12:00 ET
Registration is Live: The Outing @ Poppy Hills

Join the crew at Poppy Hills and support Youth on Course.


Thursday, 2:30 ET
3-Jack Fund 50/50 Raffle

The day is upon us! Join us as we lament our putting woes, tally up the money raised, and draw a winner for the first annual 3-Jack Fund 50/50 raffle.


Feature photo by RJ Gilbert